About Johnny Grow℠

Johnny Grow℠ is a business growth consultancy that delivers professional services to increase company revenue growth, profit growth and market capitalization. Growing our clients business is our business.

Business Design

We are revenue architects. Helping clients accelerate revenue is our North Star and singular focus. It's all we do. That singular focus along with decades of experience and purpose-built tools make us the best in the world at engineering growth programs that maximize revenue.

Business Growth

We do one thing. We team with clients to engineer synergistic combinations of prescriptive growth strategies, evidence-based best practices and supporting technologies to accelerate company revenues. Our work delivers order of magnitude results, not incremental improvements.

Business Insights

Our proprietary Growth Formula brings data, benchmarks and predictability to revenue acceleration. It's a business growth framework derived from industry research that shows what the highest growth companies do to grow revenue, and how they do it. The Growth Formula creates a data-driven blueprint that clearly shows the optimal combinations of best-in-class growth strategies, repeatable best practices, and supporting technologies to make revenue generation repeatable and prescriptive – and to create a titanic shift in predictable revenue generation.


Our principals and staff are prior CEOs, presidents and revenue leaders. We have been in our clients' roles. We know how it feels to be alone and without clear answers. And we know how to succeed. Our passion is transferring business growth insights, lessons and experiences to our clients. Our purpose is to partner with clients to achieve their growth goals. We are relentless in that goal.


Our revenue growth consulting model is built on four pillars


Data-driven Growth Programs

Anybody's recommendations without supporting data are just somebody's opinion. We perform proprietary research to learn what the Best-in-Class performance archetypes (i.e., the top 15%) do differently than their lower performing peers. We distill those lessons into prescriptive execution plans that can be replicated.

Our process shifts business growth execution from arbitrary strategies or unsupported ideas that lack predictable outcomes to prescriptive guidance that achieves forecasted revenue results. And because they are data driven, our growth plans can be modeled to show investment, cash flow impact, time to value and payback.


Time to Value

Speed is essential. We accelerate revenue growth results by applying prescriptive and repeatable methods that avoid trial and error execution. We apply our predictive models and show the shortest and least cost route to a measurable goal. Our frameworks and tools fast-track results and reduce time, cost, risk and business interruption.


Industry Expertise

Accelerating revenue requires an industry-specific approach. Our principals are experts in the industries they serve. Our proprietary performance benchmarks, evidence-based best practices and growth playbooks are industry specific.


Seasoned Practitioners

None of this is possible without people that have done it multiple times over. Johnny Grow practitioners have held CEO and other senior executive roles and have an average of just over 26 years' experience. Our consulting services are delivered by these practitioners. We don't follow the industry norm whereby consulting services are delivered using a pyramid-based staffing model of one senior executive coupled with many inexperienced staff who are learning on the job. Instead of elusive executives, the most experienced staff are your daily delivery resources.


Our values are simple and important. They are not lofty platitudes displayed in the lobby, but instead, the ideals that influence and guide every decision we make.

Transparency and Trust

Transparency & trust
permeate everything we do

Ethics and integrity are the price of admission and non-negotiable.

Trust is the foundation for every relationship. Transparency promotes communication, trust and true partnerships.

Our services are transparent, measurable and accountable.

Business Outcomes

It's all about the
business outcomes

We strive for advancement and thrive on results.

We focus on our clients' most important business outcomes. We have an undeniable bias toward action and speed.

We understand our clients expect results. And expect them fast. Everything we do leads to defined outcomes.


All of us are better
than any of us

We promote individual strengths, but our best work comes from great teams.

Putting the interests of the team above individual agendas contributes to extraordinary results. Teamwork makes the dream work.



We are better today than
we were yesterday

We live a client-centric growth culture that embraces continuous learning.

We willingly disrupt old habits and the status quo. We have no fear of change.

In fact, our culture is one of change and action. We are insights driven, action-oriented, target-bound and results focused.


We are committed to
fairness and sustainability

We measure our business success using a triple bottom line that includes social, environmental and financial measures.

We're committed to a sustainability goal of being carbon negative, water positive and zero waste by 2028.

Trust and Transparency

We have fun with each other
and our clients

Growing a business is both hard and fun. There is no greater motivation than success.

We are inspired by the clients we serve, the problems we solve, the successes we achieve and the relationships we develop.