Art of the Possible Workshop

Johnny Grow


Ready to learn what's possible?

A One Day Event to Plan the Highest Impact Revenue Growth Methods

When it comes to growing company revenues, executives need to separate what's possible from wishful thinking. They also need answers to a lot of questions to avoid missteps and prioritize their limited budgets.

  • Is it really possible to implement marketing campaigns that will double sales lead acquisitions this year?
  • Is it possible to adopt or refine a sales methodology that increases sales win rates by double digits?
  • Is it possible to implement Customer Experience Management or any other customer affinity strategy and grow customer share and retention for existing customers?
  • Is it possible to step up innovation or disrupt a market with a limited budget?

These are just a few of the questions many executives ask.

But the answers are elusive. And when these questions are not answered with facts, they retreat to be considered another day. But that often results in a perpetual stall because the facts remain absent, and the answers remain unanswered.

We learned long ago that asking clients what business growth strategies, best practices or tactics they would like to pursue is not always a helpful question, in large part because they often don't know all their options.

A better approach is to share the options, demonstrate what's possible and let them assess, compare and select. This process stimulates creative thinking, puts the options in company context and gives clients confidence they haven't overlooked anything. The process results in making a data-driven and fact-based decision in how to grow the business most effectively.

That's why we created the Art of the Possible workshop. It's a one-day, immersive experience that applies data and facts to separate hype from reality and show what's really possible to accelerate business growth.

The workshop uses a 3-step agenda to answer 3 questions.


What are the most effective business growth methods?

We start with industry research and revenue performance data. We share research findings that reveal what revenue growth methods the Best-in-Class growth leaders (i.e., the top 15 percent) used to outperform their lower performing peers. We generally skip the methods that deliver incremental results and focus on the revenue growth methods that deliver order of magnitude advantages.

Lead Conversion Industry Benchmark

How are the top growth methods accomplished?

For each growth opportunity that looks promising, we put it into your company's context and consider factors such as cost, complexity and payback. We then share how evidence-based best practices can be applied to reduce time, cost and risk. These are the prescriptive guidance engineered from the actions of the Best-in-Class to make the methods measurable, repeatable and predictable. The below diagram shows how best practices are organized for the category of Customer Experience Management.

Customer Experience Best Practices

How are growth methods organized for successful execution?

Too much change too quickly clouds what's most important and challenges the focus needed for successful execution. A better approach is to organize the highest impact revenue growth methods into a roadmap.

In this step we show how the most promising growth methods can be implemented in a progressive sequence and how they can work together to consume less labor and accelerate results.

And because revenue growth is a process, not an event, and no growth program or best practice lives in isolation, we share how they can be planned and measured holistically.

For example, our Revenue Growth Predictive Pyramid shows how changes anywhere in the revenue hierarchy cascade and impact other areas.

Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics

This shifts information reporting from hindsight to foresight. But it's not just predictive, it's interactive to support dynamic modeling and What-If pro forma scenarios.

Each revenue growth method has cascading effects that impact many areas and those impacts must be considered when making tradeoffs. This type of visualization is helpful in determining where to invest your limited budget to achieve the biggest uplift.


Our workshops are collaborative, targeted to results and can be customized for each client's interests.