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Use Analytics to Improve Customer Interactions

Deliver the right information at every customer moment of truth; that is every point where the customer decides whether to accept or forego a company communication, offer, proposal or other engagement.

Analytics can determine the optimal combination of content, offer, channel and timing for every customer.

Use Analytics to Improve Company Decision Making

When you deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, staff make better and more timely business decisions.

Business Intelligence (BI) can shift a company culture from intuitive, subjective and gut-based decision making to data-driven, fact-based and objective decisions.

Use Predictive Analytics to Engineer the Future

A recurring pattern among low growth companies is that they don't know what actions deliver the biggest financial returns, so they pursue the easiest instead of the most effective.

Predictive analytics use pro forma modeling to compare alternatives and trade-offs and plot the shortest path to the desired destination.

The More You Know the Faster You Grow

Many companies are data rich and information poor. They know data should be their most valuable asset but struggle to transform it from a byproduct to an information asset.

Business intelligence (BI) tools can help. They can apply customer data to shift your CRM system from a mostly idle data repository to a predictor of customer behaviors, creator of customer insights and facilitator of customer and company objectives. BI can deliver a 360-degree view of your business.

The goal of Growth Analytics, often called BI or decision support, is to get the right information to the right people at the right time, so they deliver improved customer experiences, make better business decisions, or swiftly intervene to remedy performance shortfalls. Even small improvements are shown to deliver significant financial impact.

Decision support tools are effective at churning through large volumes of data and delivering insights and recommendations that are just not possible otherwise. But to achieve these types of insights at scale, a mix of BI tools may be needed.

Below are some of the tools to turn data into an asset and drive financial performance gains.

Industry performance benchmarks show what good looks like. They bring context to performance measures.

Lead Conversion Industry Benchmark

Supplementing performance measures with industry benchmarks can quickly spot gaps or underperforming areas that offer the biggest financial uplift. Benchmarking turns competitive knowledge into competitive advantage.

When executives and managers have both visibility and measurability to the most significant gaps between their current state and where they want to be, they can employ an effective case for change and plot the most direct route to improvements.

And rather than guesswork or estimated ROI figures with questionable assumptions, forecast models built on benchmarks use industry data to provide confidence in calculating pro forma business outcomes and setting realistic goals. The knowledge of what has worked for similar companies lowers risk and accelerates time to value.

Research results published in the CRM Benchmark Report found that the Best-in-Class analytics performers ranked CRM dashboards as the top information delivery tool.

Marketing Campaign Dashboard

Good dashboards focus on the most essential key performance indicators and are designed to prioritize information based on what's most important to each user. They display exactly what should be done, in a sequenced order, to aid time management, create a work rhythm cadence and maximize productivity.

Great dashboards go further to shift information from being merely interesting to being actionable. They deliver data-driven and fact-based insights that answer key questions, help people make better decisions and encourage action to lift performance. They include comparison points, such as industry benchmarks, to provide a relative ranking of what's working and what needs improvement.

The best dashboards permit real-time predictive modeling to show how changes in behaviors or actions impact business outcomes. They display forward looking analytics and show the financial impact of both action and inaction. It's this level of reporting that shifts information visibility from hindsight to foresight. It's also this level of reporting that connects metrics with prescriptive guidance, such as guided selling, best practice recommendations and links to Playbooks.

Data becomes much more actionable when it advances from historical to predictive. In fact, without predictive analytics, the view for every person in your company is entirely backward looking.

Revenue growth is a process, not an event. So, to visualize that process we use analytics such as the below Predictive Pyramid. It's a bottom-to-top revenue roll-up and interactive dashboard that shows the linkage from activities to tactics to targeted outcomes.

Revenue Growth Predictive Model

The data that drives the calculations is sourced from company history if its available or industry benchmarks if it's not.

Good predictive analytics are neither standalone nor exist in a vacuum. Business outcomes are the result of a value chain derived from many activities. Modeling that value chain allows you to identify the most direct path to the results that most matter.

This type of visualization is extremely helpful in determining where to invest your limited time to achieve the biggest uplift.

Business Analytics Consulting

Helping clients turn data into their most valuable asset is our business.

Our business analytics consulting services help clients convert data from a raw material to a finished good in the form of information or insight. We are experts with business intelligence technologies such as the Salesforce Analytics Cloud and have the repeatable processes to connect data, insights, action and outcomes.

We apply tools such as Salesforce predictive analytics to help clients use data to elevate information value from seeing "what happened" to understanding "why it happened" to predicting "what will happen" and ultimately, knowing "what should happen and what should I do next". This evolution creates the intelligent enterprise.

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Transform data into intelligence and actionable insights


How to create a data-driven corporate culture


How to apply CRM data to improve conversions and grow revenues


How to design a RevOps Information Reporting Command Center


How to ensure CRM data quality for effective information reporting


How to use customer data to improve products and services


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Ultimate Dashboards

Dashboards with interactive modeling, industry benchmarks and engineered outcomes

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Predictive Analytics

Shift information from hindsight to foresight and make revenue generation deterministic

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Industry Benchmarks

Use benchmarks to identify under-performing areas that offer the biggest uplift

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