The Business Growth Report

A Research Advisory that identifies the Highest Impact Business Growth Programs

The Business Growth Report analyzed and ranked the growth strategies, methods and technologies that delivered the biggest impact to company growth.

The report identifies what the highest growth companies (i.e., the top 15 percent) do better and differently than all other companies – and how they do it.

It provides data-driven findings and insights that advise how the highest growth companies achieved their extraordinary results. Results that may be replicated.

Business Growth Report

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Sample Content

Research found that the highest growth companies did not achieve the top performance results with arbitrary strategies, processes or technologies. Instead, the data reveal they excelled using a combination of 9 evidence-based best practices to achieve extraordinary results. Below are some examples of the research findings published in the report.

  1. Companies that actively managed a Revenue Growth Strategy achieved 8 times greater year over year revenue growth than those who did not.
  2. The highest growth companies were three times more likely than their lower growth peers to use centralized Revenue Operations (RevOps) to orchestrate enterprise-wide revenue execution.
  3. The highest growth companies were 3.7 times more likely than their lower growth peers to plan, procure, operate and refresh growth technologies pursuant to a technology strategy and roadmap. And their strategy paid off. They achieved 26% higher user satisfaction and 36% higher technology ROI.
  4. Companies with the highest new revenue streams invested 16-20% more into transformative innovation. On average, about 40% of their innovation budget was directed to transformative innovation. By comparison, companies with lower new revenue streams allocated 90% or more of their budget to incremental innovation, which is typically limited to incremental improvements to existing products and services.
  5. Respondents that cited corporate culture as a growth strategy achieved an average of 41% higher revenue growth than those who did not. They also achieved 14% higher revenue per employee and 10% lower staff churn.
  6. The data found that most companies do not have a recognized or formal customer strategy program. However, those who did outperformed those who did not. The research also found the four most used customer strategy frameworks are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Experience Management (CXM), customer engagement and customer loyalty programs. Each of the four frameworks have overlap but are unique and deliver unique benefits.
  7. Respondents identified the three most effective revenue analytics tools as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital dashboards.
  8. 94% of the highest growth companies cited M&A as an integral part of their growth strategy. This group applied M&A 42% more frequently than all other lower growth companies.
  9. 92% of the highest growth companies actively use strategic alliances as part of their revenue growth strategy. This group reported alliance sourced revenue grew 23% from the prior year.