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What We Can Achieve Together

Increased Price Premiums

Innovation research found the highest growth companies use a corporate innovation framework and innovation process to achieve price premiums 2.9 times more frequently than all other companies.

Annual Revenue Growth

The research also found the highest growth companies applied a narrowly focused product innovation strategy to increase revenues by an average of 21% annually with products created in just the last 3 years.

Higher Revenues

Gartner reports that with a Design Thinking innovation framework, "Companies pursuing breakthrough ideas are able to generate up to twice the product sales of their peers."

How Companies Innovate

Innovation is not born from wacky ideas or aimless expeditions. It's cultivated from a creative process that advances ideas to solve customer problems through a maturation cycle.

Product innovation is not prescriptive but follows patterns that can be repeated. It benefits from a proven framework that replicates processes, techniques and best practices that have created many breakthrough solutions.

The Johnny Grow Innovation Framework is a 5-step methodology that harmonizes people, processes, and tools. It applies patterns and lessons proven effective multiple times over. And it brings objective measurability to an otherwise difficult to measure undertaking.

Johnny Grow Innovation Framework
Johnny Grow Innovation Framework

Business leaders are discovering innovation can be learned, the cost is in decline and improved products can deliver significant business growth. It also creates competitive differentiation that increases margins, accelerates revenues and grows companies.

We help clients with proven frameworks, industry benchmarks, best practices and acceleration assets.

  • Our innovation research shows how the Best-in-Class innovators create products that grow company revenues, price premiums and operating margins.
  • Our innovation methodology facilitates a simplified, measurable and repeatable approach to identify the most valuable ideas or concepts and convert them to revenues.
  • Our unique prototyping process is a well-defined, fast-paced and high-velocity cycle to efficiently cross the chasm from concept to commercialization.
  • Our industry benchmarks, investment metrics and evidence-based Best Practices provide prescriptive guides to repeat proven successes.
  • Our technology assets, such as our predictive analytics and innovation dashboards, bring real-time measurability to prototyping progress and forecast to complete.
  • And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance.

How We Can Help

Innovation Agenda

Market Validation

Concept Development

Market Launch

Using techniques such as Design Thinking, Voice of the Customer and white space mapping, we help companies surface unmet client needs and the most promising innovation opportunities.

For the highest priority ideas, we measure market acceptance, forecast market and revenue growth, and de-risk time and investment with a measured Go to Market plan.

We apply a product innovation charter and proven framework built on fast paced agile sprints to turn concepts into commercial products or services.

We apply ICP focus, customer segmentation, campaign optimization and other techniques to accelerate MVP market adoption and gather feedback for successive iterations.

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