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Faster Growth

SiriusDecisions reports that when successfully implemented, "organizations that deployed revenue ops in some form grew revenue nearly three times faster than those that didn't."

Higher Sales Win Rates

Forrester research reports that mature revenue ops teams that used revenue ops best practices and supporting frameworks achieved two times higher internal productivity and increased sales win rates.

Decrease in GTM Expense

Boston Consulting Group reports that Rev Ops delivers a 100% to 200% increase in marketing ROI, 10% to 20% increase in sales productivity, 10% increase in lead conversions and 30% reduction in go-to-market expenses.

An All-of-Company Revenue Model

Business leaders are always on the lookout for strategies, processes and technologies that can accelerate revenue growth. Revenue Ops applies all three to grow the business.

You can focus on strategy to find the optimal growth path, marketing to acquire more leads, sales to close more deals or customer service to grow customer share.

And anyone will deliver some benefit. But focusing on all four in parallel creates synergies and a force multiplier impact that shifts from incremental to linear revenue growth. This holistic approach is the foundation for Rev Ops.

Rev Ops is an enterprise-wide approach to revenue generation. It consists of a specialized team that centrally unifies go-to-market motions, manages enterprise-wide revenue execution, continuously measures results, and implements swift course corrections when needed.

RevOps Org Chart

Companies operating siloed departments with different incentives, piecemeal systems, clumsy departmental handoffs, fragmented customer experiences, and disjointed analytics cannot scale and support sustained revenue growth. In fact, without a holistic and coordinated approach to revenue generation, company investments and efforts are reduced to playing departmental whack-a-mole.

Rev Ops defines a Target Operating Model that provides centralized orchestration and oversight for all departmental revenue contributors.

RevOps Target Operating Model
RevOps Illustrative Target Operating Model

Getting everybody to rally around the same revenue growth goal, irrespective of their place in the company, is the first step to maximizing revenue growth.

Revenue Ops is a Johnny Grow Core Competency

We are Revenue Operations consulting specialists. We help clients apply Rev Ops to accelerate revenue growth.

The Johnny Grow Rev Ops Framework is a holistic method to ensure marketing, sales, customer success, customer service and any other company revenue contributors are coordinated and driving shared goals. It promotes revenue accountability and accelerates revenue results.

RevOps Implementation Framework
RevOps Implementation Framework

Our solutions and assets, including our Rev-Ops Framework, Rev-Ops Playbook, Salesforce accelerators and best practices fast track progress and deliver predictable outcomes.

And to de-risk our programs, our Revenue Operations Consultants round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance programs.

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