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Higher Revenue Growth with Evidence-Based Best Practices

Research published for The Business Growth Report found that companies who adopted 5 or more revenue growth best practices achieved 301% higher revenue growth and 101% higher EBITDA than those who did not.

Faster Revenue Growth with Optimized Growth Strategies

Not all growth strategies are equally effective.

Research shows that companies with optimized top line revenue growth strategies increase revenue 67% faster than those with less mature strategies.

Risk Mitigation Techniques to Achieve Breakthrough Revenue

There are 5 persistent reasons companies fail to grow.

A business growth strategy framework prevents or quickly resolves these obstacles to reduce operational chaos and significantly accelerate company growth.

A Better Way

Corporate turnarounds are elusive. They most often fail because they are shortsighted and underpowered. Rather than strike declining revenues with bold strategies and relentless execution, they more often pursue business as usual but with some incremental advancements. That's typically too little too late.

Corporate turnarounds don't succeed by enhancing the status quo. They succeed by disrupting it. Time is not your friend and gradual results are unlikely to change the trajectory.

Business growth research and over three decades of firsthand experience show corporate turnarounds succeed when they apply a proven and repeatable framework that includes a synergistic combination of revenue growth strategy, evidence-based best practices, technology automation and real-time analytics. It takes each of these factors to shift to significant and sustained revenue growth.

The Johnny Grow Corporate Turnaround Framework was born from turnaround research and has been refined for more than two decades. It's called SWIFT and it's a replicable 4-component program.

Here's how we use it to help clients shift from survive to thrive.


Business Growth Strategy

Our business improvement plan starts with a strategy that applies data to calculate pro forma revenue results.

It prioritizes objectives, plots the most direct path to success and determines the methods needed to achieve those goals.

We use an interactive model with linkage from lower-level activities to company revenue results. That enables dynamic modeling and What-If scenarios so managers can test alternate routes, compare tradeoffs and engineer financial outcomes.

Sales Growth Predictive Model
Sales Growth Predictive Pyramid; Illustrative Model

Business growth activities and tactics are not arbitrary events or wishful thinking but proven methods and evidence-based best practices that calculate conversions based on company data and industry benchmarks.

Strategy is a precursor to everything that comes after. Great execution won't get you very far if your strategy is wrong.


Go-to-Market Execution

A recurring pattern among lower performing companies is that they don't know what growth methods are available or deliver the biggest or most immediate financial returns. So, they pursue what they know or what is easiest instead of most effective.

A better approach to corporate recovery is to apply evidence-based best practices that are validated by research, implemented with prescriptive guidance, leverage technology automation, and are measured with purpose-built reporting systems (i.e., metrics and dashboards.)

Sales Best Practices
Sales Best Practices | Source: Sales Excellence Research Report

Research published in the Sales Excellence Report shows that the highest revenue growth companies applied a mix of 9 evidence-based best practices to accelerate results. Finding the right mix for your company will do the same.


Revenue Technologies (RevTech)

Technologies are essential to achieve process automation, information reporting and scale, all of which accelerate a corporate turnaround.

RevTech Stack
RevTech Stack

Using a RevTech stack approach allows you to identify and leverage the specific apps that will most accelerate revenue growth at the least cost. Because most RevTech apps are cloud-based, they can be acquired quickly on a subscription basis.


Growth Analytics

The thing about a corporate turnaround plan is that it seldom goes according to plan. That's why business analytics are needed to display real-time progress and variances that need immediate remediation.

Performance dashboards are the top delivery tool to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard

We use business growth dashboards to quickly show what's working and what's not. To shift from dashboards that are merely interesting to those that induce action, we highlight variances and provide links to actions, such as sales playbooks, best practices or management recommendations.

Revenue Growth is our only Business

Helping clients accelerate revenue growth is our core competency. Everything we do applies to this singular purpose.

Our business turnaround consulting applies prescriptive methods, best practices and technology accelerators that bring proven techniques to achieve immediate, significant and sustained revenue growth. Our purpose-built growth analytics bring visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our corporate recovery services with program management, organizational change management and governance.

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