CRM Best Practices and CRM Expert Insights

Market Research

CRM Market Share Report

The CRM Market Share Report measures the size of the market, forecasts market growth and ranks the top 5 CRM vendors.

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The Future

The Future of CRM

The next generation of Customer Relationship Management will shift from customer data to customer relationships and a whole lot more. Here is the future of CRM.

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What is the average CRM ROI?

Research shows the CRM ROI is 211%, on average, but can surge to 3 times that figure based on software utilization and user adoption.

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How to Reduce Customer Churn

What is CRM?

CRM is not software. CRM is a business strategy to grow mutually beneficial and profitable customer relationships at scale.

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Business Growth Report

The 9 Most Important CRM Best Practices

Research findings show the top 9 CRM best practices to increase user adoption, CRM software value and business transformation.

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CRM Implementation Success Factors

CRM Implementation Success Factors

The 6 most important CRM Software Implementation Success Factors. Use these best practices to achieve your goals in the least time, cost and risk.

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CRM User

The #1 CRM User Adoption Best Practice

The most influential CRM user adoption best practice is all about designing the application to deliver role-based performance, productivity and personal goals.

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The Top 5 CRM Trends

Research data shows a trajectory of where CRM technology is heading. Here are the most influential trends in the Customer Relationship Management industry.

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Business Strategy

The 6 Things a CRM Strategy Must Do

CRM strategy is a prerequisite to CRM software success. Most everyone knows that. Fewer know the 6 things your strategy must do. Here they are.

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Customer Relationship Management

The CRM Failure Rate is 55 percent

Research shows the CRM software failure rate is 55 percent. See the data, calculation and findings that show where CRM fails and how to prevent becoming part of that statistic.

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CRM Analytics

How Customer Intelligence Improves Conversions and Revenues

CRM research shows how Customer Intelligence is used to increase campaign conversions, sales win rates, customer retention and revenue growth

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CRM user

CRM User Adoption Best Practices

These 5 CRM software user adoption best practices lower resistance to change, accelerate time to value and dramatically increase technology ROI.

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CRM Expert Insights and CRM Best Practices