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Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Customer experience (CX) research found that every dollar invested in a CX program delivered $3.56 in additional company revenue. That's an impressive ROI.

Even better, successful CX programs drove a 75% improvement to customer lifetime value.


Increased Price Premiums

Pricing research shows that profitable CXs fall into 5 categories that can be designed to drive double digit price premiums.

These price premiums are only one source of incremental revenue. Superior CXs also increase repeat purchases, average purchase amount and referrals.


Increased Customer Retention

According to a Salesforce study, 80% of customers say the experience a company delivers is just as important as its products or services.

The research shows that rewarding CXs create customer affinity, which is a leading indicator of company revenues, customer share and retention.

Customer Experience Transformation

Companies in all industries benefit from delivering superior customer experiences. However, for most consumer-based companies this customer strategy has become essential to survive and thrive.

A CX strategy is best suited to highly competitive industries where customers perceive multiple substitutable alternatives and where repeat purchases are essential to achieve company revenue objectives.

We help clients accelerate their delivery of superior CXs and revenue growth with a CX program that includes proprietary research, proven frameworks, industry benchmarks and technology assets. Below are some of our insights and best practices.

Customer Experience Value Matrix
Customer Experience Value Matrix | Source: Business Growth Report, N=121

Customer & Company Alignment

The journey to deliver superior CXs starts by identifying the specific experiences that customers want and provide a payback.

There's no sense in investing in experiences that don't impress customers or deliver a profit to the company.

Research shows profitable experiences fall into five categories and can be filtered by customer segment to steer investments toward the most valuable customers that deliver the most margins and profits to the company.

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Price Premiums

The first question for anyone considering a CX program is whether it's worth the time and money.

To demonstrate profitability, it helps to know what experiences customers most want and are willing to pay for. It also helps to know just how much more they are willing to pay for superior CXs.

So, we did the research. And the data is helpful in building a clear link between the investment and payback. The data shows what the experience is worth to the customer and how much additional revenue is earned by the company.

See the CX Price Premium Details

Customer Experience Prime Premiums
Customer Experience Prime Premiums
Customer Experience ROI
Customer Experience ROI

The Financial Upside
Delivering superior experiences sounds like a good idea. But good ideas are a dime a dozen. Business growth strategies must demonstrate significant revenue growth to be adopted and must be profitable to be sustainable.

Fortunately, CX and profitability move in tandem. Research shows that rewarding CXs create customer affinity, which is a leading indicator to increased customer purchases, referrals, customer lifetime value and retention; all factors that deliver significant and sustained revenue growth.

Research also shows that for every $1 invested into a CX program the company yields $3.56 in additional revenues.

See the CX Research

A Better Customer Experience Strategy

If you are serious about applying differentiated CXs for revenue growth, it's time to implement a strategy.

The strategy defines a calculated approach to most efficiently deliver the experiences that maximize revenues and profits.

CX experts know that customers value many different experiences. They also know profitable experiences can be allocated into the five segments of company (brand), products, transactions, engagement and customer support. Designing the successful execution of profitable interactions in these categories creates visibility and predictability to the metrics that drive business growth.

See the CX Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy Predictive Model
Customer Experience Strategy Predictive Model
Customer Experience Framework
Customer Experience Framework

A Proven Customer Experience Framework

A Framework is needed to shift from strategy to execution.

Johnny Grow's CX Framework is anchored in industry research, performance benchmarks and evidence-based Best Practices.

Proven frameworks backed with data and prescriptive action quantify the investment and time needed to achieve targeted objectives; which is why Johnny Grow can offer fixed fee consulting engagements.

See the CX Framework

Enabling Technology

Most companies already have much of the CX technology they need. That is if they have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Many CRM software apps provide the customer data management, process automation and information reporting to deliver highly designed CXs at scale.

When designing the supporting technology to automate experience delivery, fewer platform technologies will outperform a slew of piecemeal tools. In the case of CX technologies, less is more.

See the Most Important CX Technologies

Customer Experience Technologies
Customer Experience Technologies
Customer Experience Best Practices
Customer Experience Best Practices

Evidence-Based Best Practices

Our Evidence-based Best Practices and prescriptive methods are backed by industry specific benchmark data that show what the highest performers do differently than their peers.

When you start with what's possible, learn from companies that have done it and apply best practices to repeat that performance, you eliminate the guesswork, avoid trial and error, and pursue the straightest and shortest course to repeatable success.

See CX Best Practices

Data & Analytics

Delivering and profiting from superior client experiences is a journey best directed with data and analytics.

Our industry research reveals the most important metrics to measure overall customer satisfaction and its impact to business growth.

Our purpose-built dashboards (built in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) and predictive analytics deliver the right information to the right person at the right time – and make that information actionable.

See the CX Analytics Details

Customer Experience Dashboard
Customer Experience Dashboard

Flexible Services

Johnny Grow is a customer experience agency with flexible services to accommodate different levels of engagement.



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  • Maximum flexibility
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A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
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A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
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