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Revenue Growth Programs for Distributors

For Wholesale Distributors and Consumer Packaged Goods (CP or CPG) companies looking for growth options, there's no better place to look than the companies that achieved the highest revenue growth.

Research findings published in the Business Growth Report revealed that the Best-in-Class distributors and CPG firms (i.e., the top 15%) achieved the highest company growth by scaling data-driven revenue growth programs that achieved forecasted results. That was in contrast to lower growth companies that more often pursued arbitrary growth strategies or experiments to improve the status quo.

But applying data-driven company growth programs requires data and an operational framework built on repeatable processes, technology automation and supporting analytics.

The Johnny Grow Distribution and CPG Growth Formula is a company growth framework derived from industry research and built on best practices. It's a fact-based approach that assembles the optimal mix of growth strategies, evidence-based best practices, and supply chain technologies to accelerate and maximize revenue growth.

Evidence-based best practices are prescriptive methods backed by industry benchmark data that show what the highest performers do differently than their peers, and how they do it.

Distribution Growth Formula
Distribution Growth Formula | Source: Business Growth Report

Company growth best practices accelerate revenue using repeatable methods. They shift unsupported ideas that lack predictable outcomes to prescriptive guidance that achieves forecasted results. They are optimized to minimize investments, save time, reduce risk and improve outcomes. And because they are data driven, they can be modeled to show investment, cash flow impact, time to value and payback.

A single distribution best practice will deliver incremental revenue growth. A collection will deliver exponentially more.

Distribution and CPG research shows achieving 5 or more evidence-based best practices creates synergies that drive topline revenue improvements 18% on average, and EBIT improvements 25% on average.

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Art of the Possible Workshop
Art of the Possible Workshop

Art of the Possible

This one-day executive workshop shows what's possible in maximizing revenue growth.

It's helpful if you are unsure where to begin, or in the process of creating a revenue growth plan.

An Art of the Possible workshop separates hype from fact and applies data to compare the many ways companies can drive extraordinary growth.

See the workshop agenda

Flexible Ditribution Consulting Services

Johnny Grow offers flexible services to accommodate different levels of engagement.



An Advisor Approach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum business interruption


A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
  • Maximum learning and knowledge transfer


A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
  • Highest performance results

Despite the need for action, inaction is the easiest choice, although clearly not the best decision.

Business leaders recognize the status quo will continue to disappoint but often lack a distribution and logistics consulting partner and flexible approach to take on a big challenge.

We have the research, data, frameworks, best practices, technology accelerators and distribution industry expertise to bring prescriptive methods that achieve predictable results, and to disrupt business as usual.

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