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Manufacturing a Better Future

There's a lot to learn from the highest growth manufacturing companies.

Research performed for the Business Growth Report found that the Best-in-Class industrial and manufacturing companies (i.e., the top 15%) achieved the highest annual revenue growth by scaling verified, data-driven programs. That was in contrast to the lower growth companies that more often pursued arbitrary growth strategies and unsubstantiated business development methods.

But to achieve high impact revenue results at scale requires an operational framework that delivers repeatable processes, technology automation and supporting analytics.

The Johnny Grow Manufacturing Growth Formula is a business growth framework derived from research, built on evidence-based best practices and replicated by manufacturing consultants. It's a data-driven approach that orchestrates the optimal combination of growth strategies, evidence-based best practices, and technologies to accelerate and maximize revenue growth.

Manufacturing Growth Formula

Evidence-based best practices are prescriptive methods backed by industry specific benchmark data that show what the highest performers do differently than their peers, and how they do it.

They shift unsupported ideas that lack measurable execution to prescriptive guidance that achieves forecasted revenue results. And they are optimized to minimize investments, save time, reduce risk and improve outcomes. Because they are data driven, best practices can be modeled to show investment, cash flow impact, time to value and payback.

A single manufacturing best practice will deliver incremental revenue growth. A collection will deliver exponentially more.

Manufacturing research shows achieving 5 or more evidence-based best practices creates synergies that drive topline revenue improvements 18% on average, and EBIT improvements 42% on average.

Best Practices

Manufacturing Consulting Services

The Manufacturing Growth Formula

The Growth Formula delivers the maximum revenue growth in the least time, cost and risk

9 Manufacturing Marketing Solutions

The 9 Marketing Best Practices that most impact marketing's revenue contribution to the company

9 Manufacturing Sales Solutions

Manufacturing sales growth is maximized with a combination of 9 Sales Best Practices

Salesforce for Manufacturing

CRM software is the #1 growth technology and Salesforce is the #1 CRM for manufacturers

Artificial Intelligence for Manufactures

Use AI to create better products, improve customer engagement and lower operating costs

Industrial Growth Technologies

Assemble a holistic and integrated RevTech stack to simplify technology and lower IT cost

The Business Growth Report

The Business Growth Report

This research-based report ranks the strategies, methods and technologies which delivered the biggest impact to company growth.

The report identifies what the highest growth companies (i.e., the top 15 percent) do better and differently than all other lower growth companies – and how they do it.

It provides data-driven findings and insights that advise how the highest growth companies achieved their extraordinary results. Results which may be replicated.

Flexible Manufacturing Consulting Services

Johnny Grow industrial consultants offer flexible services to accommodate different levels of engagement



An Advisor Approach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum business interruption


A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
  • Maximum learning and knowledge transfer


A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
  • Highest performance results

Despite the need for action, inaction is the easiest choice, although clearly not the best decision.

Business leaders recognize the status quo will continue to disappoint but often lack a manufacturing consultant partner and flexible approach to take on a big challenge.

We have the industry research, benchmark data, deployment frameworks, best practices, technology accelerators and expert manufacturing consultants to bring prescriptive methods that achieve predictable results, and to disrupt business as usual.

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