A 1 Day Marketing Strategy Workshop for Transformative Results

Surge Marketing's Impact to Company Revenue Growth






Increased Sales Pipeline

More Marketing Sourced Revenue

Higher Marketing ROI

Reduced Sales Lead Leakage

Labor Savings

Above figures sourced from The Marketing Transformation Report

Why This Workshop

There are dozens of things marketers can do to help grow the business. But they all deliver different results. Some are effective and some are not. Executives don't want to experiment over extended periods to figure out what works and what doesn't. They want to quickly know the shortest route to the largest results.

That's why this workshop is critical.

It defines the route to achieve your vision and maximum company contribution in the least time, cost and risk.

Here's how we go about it.



Securing a Leadership Role in the Company

The role of marketing is shifting from an activity-based support service to one of the company's top two sources of revenue generation. That's why those who take accountability for revenue growth get a seat at the C-suite table.

This session will share exactly what CMOs and managers can do to increase their contribution to the most important company goals. Getting this right will also increase your role as a company leader and make your organization indispensable to the company.


A Do-It-Yourself Framework

According to Gartner, "Marketers who develop an integrated marketing strategy will deliver a 50% higher ROI than those who do not."

Related research found that 88% of marketers that achieved transformative performance results started with a documented strategic plan.

The plan creates focus and prioritization. It aligns investments and resources with forecasted outcomes.

It's a precursor to everything that comes after. Great execution won't get you very far if your plan is wrong.

We'll review the top 5 strategies, share a marketing framework to quickly develop your own and then identify the 5 essential components to make your plan wildly successful.


Best Practices Adoption

This session will show how to advance from precision planning to prescriptive execution.

We review – and show how to implement – the 9 best practices that stand above all others in accelerating performance.

Marketing Best Practices

It includes prescriptive approaches for predictive revenue generation, precision campaigns, optimized campaign portfolios, lead lifecycle management and Sales and Marketing alignment.


Making Sense of MarTech

Technology is the primary tool to achieve automation and reduce manual labor.

But MarTech can be overwhelming.

In this session we review the marketing technology research that shows a small number of tech tools deliver the majority of customer conversions and company revenues.

We advise how to assemble a MarTech stack to simplify technology, reduce cost, and future proof your tech investments.

MarTech Stack

Finally, we show how to setup a Center of Excellence so you take advantage of more technology with fewer resources.


Performance Analytics

The thing about strategic plans is that they seldom go according to plan. That's why real-time decision support is essential.

We share the methods and tools that measure progress and identify variances in need of swift course corrections.

We show the most important key performance indicators (KPIs). And the industry benchmarks so you know where you stand relative to peers, and where your efforts will deliver the biggest uplift.

Revenue Growth Predictive Model

Here's what makes this Marketing Strategy workshop different

  1. It's fast. At the end of the day you will have been given a framework and supporting templates to create an amazingly successful strategy.
  2. It's data-driven. Creative explorations are interesting. But without data, they are just wishful thinking. We skip the theoretical discussions and instead apply data, benchmarks and predictive analytics so you can plot your most successful route.
  3. It's all about the outcomes. Once you have a method to transform data into outcomes, you can separate activity from progress and focus on the few actions that create the biggest outcomes.

Each marketing strategy workshop is tailored to goals and needs of its attendees. Contact us to learn how we can design an event that is uniquely suited for your company.