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AI to Grow Sales Lead Acquisitions

Salesforce Einstein can continuously improve campaign performance, offer conversions and sales lead acquisitions. AI is a proven technology to acquire more and better leads at a lower cost per lead.

AI to Improve Marketing Sourced Revenues

Einstein AI algorithms used in the Marketing Cloud can automate the lead management process to convert 2X more sales-ready leads, reduce lead leakage by as much as 90% and accelerate the revenue cycle.

AI to Increase Marketing ROI

Salesforce Einstein with the Marketing Cloud can aid revenue engineering, price optimization, brand development and other programs that drive significant and sustained marketing sourced revenue growth.

These are just a few examples of how Salesforce Einstein with the Marketing Cloud can increase the volume and quality of marketing sourced sales leads, the percentage of revenue sourced by marketing and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

A More Intelligent Way to Improve Marketing Programs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects pursued in a technology vacuum normally disappoint.

Anybody can get AI to run, but using AI to increase lead acquisitions, grow marketing sourced revenues, expand the brand and improve marketing ROI is an entirely different pursuit.

AI as a marketing technology is interesting. AI used to improve the most important marketing outcomes is a game changer.

An Artificial Intelligence Framework to Accelerate Marketing Results

The most successful Marketing AI projects align the technology with high impact use cases that drive the most significant business outcomes. The Johnny Grow AI Framework applies marketing use cases supported with evidence-based best practices that fully leverage AI to achieve the five overarching marketing outcomes shown in the below diagram.

Einstein AI for Marketing
Einstein AI for Marketing

The Time for Marketing Artificial Intelligence is Now

For many marketers, the benefits of data-driven marketing remain limited by their ability to access, analyze and act on insights. AI applies automation to accelerate data analysis, create predictive models and feed recommendation engines so that marketers can predict customer behaviors, facilitate customer journeys, detect customer sentiment, treat each customer as an individual and receive and act upon data-driven insights.

AI can sift through large volumes of customer data in real-time to perform dynamic customer segmentation. It can score prospects or target audiences against your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). It can make predictive recommendations based on historical data. It can even use data to create and deliver the optimal offer to the precise target audience at the right time and in the right channel.

Customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. This cannot be done at scale without some form of artificial intelligence.

And the technology has become democratized as it is embedded in Salesforce with Einstein AI. This packaged integration removes technical barriers and puts AI capabilities into the hands of business analysts and marketing managers.

Using AI to Improve Marketing Performance is Our Business

Our Salesforce Einstein Marketing Consultant specialists help Marketers use artificial intelligence to better engage their target audiences, increase lead conversions, make more informed decisions, expand the brand and grow revenue for their companies.

We are experts with AI technologies and Salesforce Einstein.

Our repeatable methods, best practices and tools bring proven techniques to achieve predicted outcomes. Our analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

Johnny Grow AI for Marketing Signature Services

AI for Marketing Outcomes

Use this technology to increase lead acquisitions, lead conversions, marketing sourced revenue and ROI

AI for Sales & Marketing Alignment

Bring process automation and reporting to Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreements

AI for Revenue Growth

Technology for revenue engineering, product innovation, market disruption, price optimization and brand expansion

Better Use of Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Starts Here

If you are looking to take advantage of marketing artificial intelligence, we have some options.

Visit the Salesforce Einstein AI Insights Hub for expert recommendations, best practices, research findings and supporting MarTech.

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