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Increased Sales

Branding research shows that B2B marketers with active corporate brand management programs delivered 18% more leads to the salesforce and 21% higher contribution to the sales pipeline.

Higher Marketing ROI

The research also found that B2B industry marketers with active branding programs achieved 21 percent higher marketing ROI than marketers without similar programs.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Successful brand building programs enable price premiums and deliver significant and sustained improvements to customer lifetime value (CLV) and customer retention.

A Better Way

Brand Building for Increased Market Reach, Customer Acquisitions and Revenue Growth

We help clients define and grow brands that are relevant, distinctive and credible, and that stand out from the crowd, attract attention and reduce competition and commoditization.

Creating or improving a corporate identity need not be a complex process. The Johnny Grow 3-step brand building framework leverages a repeatable method to create company identities that deliver the most important business outcomes.

Brand Pyramid

Our framework is a data-driven, fact-based methodology that creates a precise identity that resonates, differentiates and delivers payback in the forms of reaching more prospects, converting more customers and growing revenues.

We apply customer research to define a company that solves customer problems that matter. Customer intelligence shifts your design from assumptions and aspirations to a measurable definition of exactly what most appeals to customers.

Once you understand how your customers make purchase decisions, you can craft an identity that creates a divide between you and your competitors. The research is essential because if the brand definition is wrong, every decision and investment thereafter will disappoint.

Brands built on customer data show important metrics and support financial modeling and predictive forecasts so different branding programs can be compared and prioritized.

Brand Impact Predictive Pyramid
Brand Impact Predictive Pyramid (Illustrative Model)

Brand Development Services

Our brand building services shape customer perception of your company or products and drive increased price premiums, customer acquisitions, customer share and customer retention.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance oversight.

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