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What We Can Achieve Together

More Lead Conversions

Best-in-Class Marketers use an inbound lead management process that achieves 2X more lead conversions than their lower performing peers.

Faster Revenue Growth

SeriusDecisions reports that lead management with Sales and Marketing alignment achieves 19% faster revenue growth.

Decreased Lead Leakage

Marketers using the lead management loop reduce lead leakage by as much as 90%. That creates an instant revenue uplift.

A Better Way

Inbound marketing uses content to engage and educate buyers during their buying process. It works because it gives buyers the information they need to confidently complete purchase decisions.

To help our clients succeed, we first help them create content that drives conversions. That might include research-based content, white papers, website articles, newsletters, display ads, landing pages or blog posts to name just a few mediums. Multiple types of content are helpful, but it's the format and quality of the content that drives conversions. That's why we apply a research-based prescriptive formula that specifies content structure based on customer persona and position in the buy cycle.

We then bring automation to the process. When you provide content that educates, informs, and solves for the customer, you begin a dialogue that if properly nurtured turns a prospect into a customer. But connecting with buyers at each stage of their buying cycle is a multiple step process. To bring automation, measurability, and high conversion rates to that process we apply The Johnny Grow Lead Management Loop.

Lead Management Loop

Lead management research shows that marketers who implemented seven or more of the integrated lead management processes achieved an impressive 211 percent ROI from their lead management program. That was about twice as high as the average and three times higher than respondents who operated six or fewer processes.

Facts, Not Opinions

Lead management recommendations without supporting data are just opinions.

Lead Management research shows what the Best-in-Class Marketers do better than their peers – and how they do it. Johnny Grow inbound lead management best practices are engineered plays derived from research that repeat learned actions to achieve predictable results. They are also instrumental in prioritizing efforts by investment and ROI.

When you apply best practices you eliminate the guesswork, avoid trial and error, and pursue the straightest and shortest course to repeatable success.

Helping Clients Acquire Inbound Leads is Our Business

Helping clients acquire more and better sales leads at a lower cost per lead is our core competency.

Our prescriptive methods, evidence-based best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve the highest conversions. Our purpose-built analytics bring measurable visibility to progress and forecasted results. And our inbound marketing consultants tie it all together.

And to ensure program success, we round out our services with project management, change management and governance programs.

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