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More Leads

A combination of 5 marketing best practices can more than double the volume of sales lead acquisitions.

Lower Cost Per Lead

Research shows campaign portfolio optimization acquires 25 percent more sales leads at 19% lower cost per lead.

Decreased Lead Leakage

An optimized campaign process reduces lead leakage by as much as 90%. That creates an instant revenue uplift.

A Better Way

More leads are the number 1 request by the salesforce and marketing campaigns are the number 1 method to acquire more leads.

Marketing Campaign Funnel

Our team of lead generation consultants help clients design and implement high impact marketing campaigns that dramatically increase lead volume and quality, lower the cost per lead and reduce lead leakage. Each of these actions delivers an immediate impact to revenue growth.

Our services include implementing high impact campaigns, finding the optimal mix of campaigns that yield the maximum lead acquisitions at the lowest cost, and optimizing technology for process automation, information reporting and scale.

B2B Marketing Campaigns

The first step is to design campaign success as measured by conversions, cost per lead and revenue results. For this goal, we apply our evidence-based best practices, campaign frameworks, predictive performance models, industry benchmarks and technology accelerators.

The second step is to scale the acquisition of sales leads. Generating increased lead flow while holding down the cost per lead requires a balanced campaign portfolio. Our Campaign Portfolio Optimization Program brings real-time measurability to each campaign and the portfolio. It shows how campaigns impact each other and recommends continuous adjustments that dramatically improve marketing ROI.

By applying purpose-built frameworks embedded with technology, we bring automation to many types of campaigns, including the below.

Marketing Campaigns

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Digital Marketing Campaign

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Display and Retargeting Campaigns

Display & Retargeting

Online Marketing

Buyer Intent Signals

Marketing Automation

Nurture Marketing

Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Helping Clients Acquire Sales Leads is our Business

Helping clients acquire more leads at a lower cost per lead is our core competency.

Our prescriptive methods, campaign best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to significantly grow the sales pipeline. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. And our B2B lead generation consultants bring it all together.

To de-risk our services, we round out our programs with agile delivery, project management and governance oversight.

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If you are looking to acquire more and better leads, we have some options.

Visit the Customer Marketing Campaign Hub for expert insights, research findings, best practices and MarTech accelerators.

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