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Higher Marketing Productivity

A Marketing Center of Excellence (CoE) brings access and scale to scarce and high-demand skills that can be shared across the organization. That increases marketing productivity and lowers labor cost.

More Revenue Contribution

Marketing CoEs focus on the most significant revenue uplift opportunities. Experience shows that a single project success can deliver moderate but sustained improvements to company revenue.

Higher Marketing ROI

A Marketing CoE applies a combination of trained talent, disciplined processes and enabling technology that drives double digit increases to Marketing ROI.

A Better Way

McKinsey reports that marketing operations (aka Marketing Ops) deliver 15 to 25% ROI improvement. Gartner advises that the Marketing Ops benefits are obvious, and include improved programs, higher ROI and Marketing earning a seat at the C-suite table.

But despite the upside, implementing marketing ops or a center of excellence has been a daunting exercise. Until now.

The Center of Excellence Target Operating Model (TOM)

Center of Excellence Target Operating Model
Center of Excellence Target Operating Model

A Marketing CoE maximizes scarce resources and deep skills by centralizing them and disseminating their insights, knowledge, best practices and reusable assets throughout the organization.

That increases value, reach and impact with marketing technologies and programs that would otherwise be out of reach. It further standardizes best practices, business processes and the delivery of consistent customer experiences.

When the company seeks to shift from incremental advancements to order of magnitude improvements, and significantly increase marketing's revenue contribution to the company, a Center of Excellence is the go-to method.

We have been helping clients implement Marketing Centers of Excellence for years. We have a Best-in-Class Target Operating Model, a proven 6 step design and implementation framework, project accelerators and best practices that collectively reduce risk, accelerate time to value and deliver the most impactful results.

Implement a Marketing CoE for double digit increases to marketing-sourced company revenue and marketing ROI

Your CoE Starts Here

If you are looking to scale marketing's contribution to the company, we have some options.

Consider our one day Marketing Strategy Workshop. At the end of this day, you will have a proven framework and supporting templates to accelerate your journey.

Visit the Marketing Operations Insights Hub for expert recommendations, CoE best practices, research findings and supporting MarTech.

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