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Design your Business Marketing Engine in One Day

Ready to accelerate marketing's revenue contribution?

A One-Day Workshop to Design Your Marketing Engine

There's no shortage of marketing programs. But time is limited, budgets are tight and management is looking for near term, high impact results.

Research also makes it clear that some marketing programs work far better and faster than others. But which work best for your company?

This workshop takes a two-step approach to answer that question.

First, prior to the workshop, we perform an initial assessment to surface your company's growth goals, core competencies and capabilities. The assessment provides a baseline to make analysis and recommendations relevant and actionable.

And second, we deliver a one-day workshop using the below agenda.


Start with Data-Driven Insights

We begin with industry research. Because without research and data, anybody's recommendations are just somebody's opinion.

The research shows what Best-in-Class marketers (i.e., the top 15 percent) do better or different than their peers. And Johnny Grow Evidence-based Best Practices show how they do it.

The Evidence-based Best Practices are engineered plays derived from research that repeat the learned actions of the top performers to achieve predictable results.

Best practices are measurable, and embedded into predictive models, so they forecast results. They are instrumental in prioritizing marketing programs by investment and ROI. Many include industry benchmarks, such as the example below.

Lead Conversion Industry Benchmark

The research and best practices bring planning specificity to achieving marketing-sourced revenue growth. They show the revenue generation capabilities that marketing is uniquely positioned to lead.

When you apply proven and prescriptive best practices you eliminate the guesswork, avoid trial and error, and pursue the straightest and shortest course to repeatable success.


Design the Growth Plan

Marketing-sourced revenue growth is not an event, it's a journey best navigated with a flexible roadmap. Trying to do too much too quickly often clouds what it is most important and dilutes effectiveness.

So, we put the Evidence-based Best Practices into your company's context. We rank the most effective programs by cost, complexity and payback. That creates a prioritized Growth Plan with budget and revenue forecast. The Plan is dynamic and interactive so we can engineer revenue growth.

Revenue Growth Predictive Model

It also provides a holistic view that is needed because no marketing program, method or best practice lives in isolation. Each has cascading effects that impact many areas and those impacts must be considered when making tradeoffs.


Apply Technology Automation

Finally, we surface the technology needed to turn the plan into a Marketing Engine.

Technology is needed to bring process automation, information reporting and scale to execution.

The research shows us that the smartest marketing technology (MarTech) decisions are made when considering a holistic portfolio that is directly aligned to growth objectives. That means a strategically designed MarTech stack that replaces piecemeal systems and helps buyers buy, drives specific and measurable marketing growth goals, maximizes investments and future-proofs technology decisions.

It also creates a competitive advantage as it defines an overarching architecture that blueprints the technologies needed to acquire, grow and retain more customers.

Johnny Grow Marketing Engine

The Engine Automates and Maximizes Systemic Revenue Results

Your engine is rooted in empirical research that surfaces and replicates the most influential revenue growth strategies and methods proven by the Best-in-Class marketers. It's built as a replicable model that advances research findings into prescriptive actions. When you repeat the methods that most drive marketing-sourced revenue growth you can realize similar results.

It also brings simplicity and clear direction for marketing to systemically grow revenues. Each of these steps and best practices create a lever that you can pull to increase company revenues and accelerate business growth.

This workshop is an interactive and collaborative experience that uses research, data and case studies to show what's possible to maximize marketing driven revenue growth and down select the highest fit programs for your company.

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