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Higher Technology ROI

Research performed for the Marketing Transformation Report found that marketers with holistic technology portfolios backed with data driven analytics achieved a whopping 1.6 times higher technology ROI than those without.

More Sales Leads

The research also revealed that marketers with strategically designed marketing software portfolios and data-driven analytics acquired 29% more sales leads than their less mature colleagues.

More Revenue Contribution

Perhaps the ultimate success measure from the marketing technology research was that the marketers with Tech portfolios directly linked to revenue outcomes delivered 26% more marketing sourced revenue to the company.

A Better Way

Why do some marketers make incredible gains with technology and others don't?

The short answer is that they align technology with business results. And there's a 3-step approach to make it happen.


Start with a Tech Strategy

Marketing leaders start with a technology strategy that links the most effective marketing apps to the most important business outcomes. Those outcomes normally include things like increasing customer acquisitions, customer share and customer retention.

The challenge is that most marketers acquire technologies pursuant to the problem of the day and without a direct link to the company's priorities.

To do better, a tech strategy creates a roadmap that plots the specific technologies that collectively increase the volume and quality of marketing sourced sales leads, the percentage of revenue sourced by marketing and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Another challenge is identifying the technologies that are most effective. The MarTech landscape can feel overwhelming. Statista reports that in the last decade, the number of marketing tech solutions grew from 150 to 9,500 — that's more than a 6,000% increase. Trying to understand the options, and separate vendor hype from truth, can become an endless time suck.

Fortunately, we did the research. Not to measure what apps were most popular but most effective. We survey marketers to measure what works and what doesn't and filter the data by performance archetype. The below quadrant is an excerpt from the research. The apps in the red box were the most effective in terms of achieving the most important goals.

B2B MarTech Quadrant
B2B MarTech Quadrant | Source: Marketing Transformation Report

Adopt a Mar-Tech Stack

The tech leaders approach technology holistically and create a marketing software portfolio, also known as a Marketing Tech Stack, that shows how apps work together to create synergy and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

A smartly designed tech stack creates a competitive advantage as it defines an overarching solution architecture to directly acquire, grow and retain more customers.

MarTech Stack
MarTech Stack (Illustrative Model)

Measure and Improve with Analytics

Lastly, leaders apply marketing analytics to refine their technology and continuously improve results. Analytics apply data to show which channels get engagement, which offers will convert and which buyers will buy. Even better, they create and deliver the optimal offer to the precise target audience at the right time and in the right channel.

When multiple technologies are aligned, they accelerate data analysis, create predictive models and feed recommendation engines. That allows marketers to predict customer behaviors, facilitate customer journeys, detect customer sentiment, treat customers as individuals and act upon data-driven insights.

Analytics also define the right metrics to track progress and prompt real-time corrective action when variances occur. In fact, if your information reporting is not suggesting, adjusting or reprioritizing your actions, it's not working.

Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics
Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics; Illustrative Model

When business intelligence shows how to connect data, insights, action and outcomes, marketers can focus on the outcomes that most matter and need to be pursued first.

Applying Technology for Revenue Growth is our Business

Anybody can get marketing software to run, but orchestrating apps to increase lead acquisitions, grow marketing sourced revenue, expand the brand, and improve ROI is an entirely different pursuit and maximized when applying technology strategically.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve these goals and step-up marketing's contribution to the company. Our purpose-built business intelligence displays real-time progress toward forecasted results. And our MarTech consultants bring it all together.

To ensure success, we integrate our services with program management, organizational change management and governance oversight.

Marketing Transformation Starts Here

If your goal is to better leverage technology for business outcomes, we have some options.

Consider our one day Marketing Strategy Workshop. At the end of this day, you will have a proven framework and templates to integrate strategy with technology and accelerate your journey.

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