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What We Can Achieve Together

Grow the Pipeline by 1.5X

Research published in the Sales Excellence Report revealed Best Practices to grow the pipeline by 1.5 times.

For example, you can improve lead acquisition techniques such as Account-based Marketing (ABM), increase Sales & Marketing alignment to put more qualified leads in the funnel and apply lead management techniques to accelerate lead to opportunity conversions.

Increase the Sales Win Rate by 5%

Increasing the opportunity win rate by only a few percentage points creates immediate, significant and sustained revenue growth.

Evidence-based Best Practices for this goal include integrating CRM software with a sale methodology, designing a predictable selling process, applying proven tools such as strategic account plans and opportunity win plans, and improving coaching techniques.

Accelerate Revenue Growth by Double Digits

To accelerate revenue growth, you can acquire more customers, increase existing customer revenue or change the pricing model.

There are many supporting best practices for these goals, such as growing Customer Lifetime Value, increasing customer retention, applying price optimization or revenue engineering, and performing white space analysis to grow new revenue streams.

Sales Transformation Starts Here

The Johnny Grow Formula is a prescriptive sales growth framework that applies a combination of 9 evidence-based best practices to drive significant and sustained increases to the pipeline, win rate, quota attainment and revenue growth.

Sales Best Practices
Sales Best Practices | Source: Sales Excellence Report

Sustained revenue growth isn't achieved from a single tactic. It's realized from a synergistic combination of proven methods. And it's the culmination of repeatable best practices that work together and go beyond incremental and temporary results to deliver order of magnitude and lasting revenue growth.

The Johnny Grow Sales Excellence Framework is built on a proven and repeatable methodology that defines, de-risks and accelerates company revenue growth.

A Different Consulting Approach

We apply four standout differences to achieve order of magnitude revenue improvements.

Our staffing model upends the industry norm. Our consultants are prior revenue leaders, such as VP of Sales and Chief Revenue Officers for high growth and public companies. The average tenure is 24 years of full-time selling experience.

So, instead of the norm which is a part-time veteran consultant supported by a team of junior staff, the entire Johnny Grow team consists of seasoned professionals.

We are experts with sale methodologies, processes and technologies, including Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The biggest outcomes always result from integrating optimized processes into sales technologies for improved process automation, information reporting and scale.

Our consulting services are built on data-driven, asset-powered frameworks that apply prescriptive Best Practices to achieve predictable results.

Pre-built assets and accelerators reduce time to value and lead to proven results.

Our accelerators help clients think big, start small, and grow fast—and achieve quick wins to fund the journey.

Johnny Grow Evidence-based Best Practices are engineered plays derived from research that repeat learned actions to achieve predictable results.

They are also instrumental in prioritizing efforts by investment and ROI.

When you apply best practices you eliminate the guesswork, avoid trial and error, and pursue the straightest and shortest course to repeatable success.

Helping Clients Grow Their Business is Our Business

We help business leaders apply evidence-based best practices and enabling technology to drive big increases to the pipeline, improve conversions, help more sellers exceed their quotas and grow year over year revenue.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and technology accelerators bring proven techniques to achieve repeatable outcomes. Our analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance.

Problems We Solve

How to develop a Best-in-Class Sales Plan


How to grow the pipeline exponentially


How to increase sale opportunity win rates by double digits


Increase the number of sellers making quota


How to engineer predictable revenue growth


How to align Sales & Marketing for transformational revenue results


Signature Services


Accelerate Sales

to Create Significant and Sustained Revenue Growth

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Sales Strategies

to Engineer Revenue Acceleration in the Least Time, Cost and Risk

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Price Optimization

to Calculate Strategic Prices and Gain Immediate Revenue Uplift

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Sale Methodology

to Sell Smarter and Increase Sales Conversions

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Sales Coaching

for Salesforce Development and Improved Quota Attainment

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Increase Sales Productivity

to Improve Selling Efficiency, Effectivness and Operations

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Sales Technologies

to Improve Salesperon Productivity and Revenue Outcomes

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

to use this Technology for the Most Important and Highest Impact Sales Goals

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Artificial Intelligence

for Improved Sales Coaching, Staff Productivity and Business Outcomes

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The Sales Excellence Report

Sales Excellence Report
Sales Excellence Report

The Sales Excellence Report analyzed and ranked the strategies, methods and technologies which delivered the biggest impact to the salesforce's biggest objectives.

The report identifies what the top producers (i.e., the top 15 percent) do better and differently than their lower performing peers – and how they do it.

Evidence-based best practices provide prescriptive guidance engineered from the actions of the Best-in-Class to make the most successful programs measurable, repeatable and predictable.

How To Get Started

Art of the Possible Workshop
Art of the Possible Workshop

Art of the Possible

This one-day executive workshop is helpful if you are unsure where to begin, or in the process of creating your revenue growth strategy.

An Art of the Possible workshop compares the many ways you can drive extraordinary improvements to grow the pipeline, improve the win rate and increase revenue growth.

Sales research and empirical experience separate hype from fact to clearly show what's possible in sales transformation.

See the Growth Workshop Agenda

Flexible Services

Johnny Grow offers flexible services to accommodate different levels of engagement.



An Advisor Approach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum business interruption


A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
  • Maximum learning and knowledge transfer


A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
  • Highest performance results

Sales Transformation Starts Here

If you are looking for assistance, we have some options.

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