Sales Coaching Statistics and Performance Benchmarks


  • Research shows that properly implemented sales coaching programs consistently deliver an impressive Return on Investment (ROI).
  • The research also reveals these programs deliver significant improvements to sales conversions, salesforce quota attainment and company revenue growth.
  • And the research also shows that the payback is commensurate with investment. Those salesforces that invest more coaching time achieve superior results.
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Sales Coaching Statistics, Research Findings and Benchmarks

To most managers, sales coaching sounds like a good idea. But good ideas are a dime a dozen and no good idea is sustainable if it cannot drive long-term benefits such as improved sales win rates, company revenue growth and staff tenure.

Fortunately, there is a wide body of research that reinforces these benefits and the impressive payback from a sales coaching program. I've curated research findings that contribute to a common theme.

  • According to research paper titled, ICF Global Coaching Client Study, and performed jointly by the International Coach Federation and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average company achieves an ROI equal to 7 times the initial investment.
  • A study published in Harvard Business Review advised that no other productivity investment improves seller performance and revenue results better than seller coaching.
  • The Corporate Executive Board (part of Gartner) reported a 19 percent revenue boost from effective salesforce coaching.
  • According to the Sales Management Association, companies that provide sufficient coaching achieve 7 percent greater annual revenue growth than those who do not.
  • A study published by Revegy found that increased amounts of time correlated with higher opportunity win rates. When coaching increased from less than 30 minutes per resource per week to over 2 hours per resource per week, sales win rates rose from 43 percent to 56 percent.
Sales Coaching Research

See the research that shows increasing sales coaching from less than 30 minutes per resource per week to over 2 hours per resource per week, increases sales win rates from 43% to 56%.

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  • A study by Knowledge Tree reported that sales representatives receiving at least three hours of manager guidance per month exceeded their selling goals by 7 percent and increased revenue by 25 percent.
  • According to the Center for Sales Strategy, companies who spent more time coaching achieved a 2 percent higher win rate and a 5.2 percent higher revenue realization.
  • CSO Insights reported that companies with a formal coaching approach achieved 10 percent higher win rates that those companies with informal coaching processes.
  • One of the most popular coaching goals is to increase the number of reps attaining quota. Research published by Revegy showed that advancing from an informal to formal coaching program increased team quota attainment by 24.8 percent. Those teams with informal coaching averaged 49.9 percent quota achievement while those with formal programs achieved 62.3 percent.
  • Research on the same topic published in SiriusDecisions annual Chief Sales Officer Study shows that that fewer than 50 percent of reps make quota and that for 70 percent of companies, only about 30 percent of reps meet quota. The study goes on share that the middle core performers offer the biggest revenue uplift, and therefore, should be a focus for coaching programs.
  • Complimenting the above SiriusDecisions research, a study by the Sales Executive Council reported that a 5 percent increase from the middle 60 percent of the salesforce delivered 80 percent more revenue than a 5 percent increase from the top 10 percent of salespeople.
  • Selling Power magazine published a study titled, 5 Hallmarks of High-Impact Sales Organizations. It reported that high-impact sales organizations (those where more than 75 percent of the reps made quota) were more skilled in coaching and invested far more time in coaching than managers at average (25% - 75% of reps achieve quota) and low performing (less than 25% or reps achieve quota) sales organizations.
  • A CSO Insights study found a direct correlation between coaching and quota attainment. The researchers reported that 56 percent of salespeople meet or exceed quota and that a formal or dynamic coaching process resulted in 10 percent more sellers achieving their quota.
  • Sales management and sales coaching are two different disciplines and research from Menemsha Group shows that coaching delivers superior results in nearly every performance category.
  • Not all sales coaching statistics are favorable. CSO Insights reported that almost 75% of organizations waste investments due to random and informal coaching programs, and only about one-fourth leverage the biggest returns from formal and dynamic coaching.
  • We would be remiss if we didn't share the Johnny Grow sales coaching research results which found that ROI skyrocketed for participants that applied formal and regular coaching programs. Only 23 percent of participants with informal and irregular programs reported a positive ROI. However, that figure more than tripled to 78 percent for those that used structured programs with regular cadence.
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