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What We Can Achieve Together

Technology Strategy for Improved Revenue Results

Research shows that salesforces who manage their sales software portfolio with a technology strategy not only achieved the highest revenue performance, but also realized 30% higher user adoption and 6 percent lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Tech Stack for More Effective Technology

A well-designed Sales Tech stack replaces ad hoc and piecemeal systems with a holistic software portfolio that achieves greater user adoption, drives the most important revenue goals and future-proofs technology investments.

Sales Analytics to Improve Performance

Analytics convert raw data into actionable insights and route them to the people that can use them to engage a customer, remedy a variance, implement a course correction, make a more timely and informed decision, or take some other informed action.

A Better Way to Use Sales Technologies

Why do some salesforces make incredible gains with technology and others don't?

The short answer is that they align technology with business results. And there's a 3-step approach to make it happen.


Start with a Technology Strategy

A tech strategy identifies the most effective sales technologies that drive the most important business outcomes. Those outcomes normally include things like increasing customer acquisitions, customer share and customer retention. The strategy includes a roadmap to plot the specific technologies that build upon each other and drive slated selling objectives with evidence-based best practices.

Those best practices may include things like automated lead scoring to feed the funnel, sales win plans to increase conversions, staff coaching for improved quota attainment, process workflows for higher staff productivity, push-based recommendations for guided selling, or real-time alert notifications to quickly intervene when forecasted opportunities stall or regress.

RevTech Stack

Design a Sales Tech Stack

Tech leaders create a software portfolio, or what is often called a Sales Tech Stack. Its purpose is to show how revenue apps work together to create synergy and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). A smartly designed sales automation software stack creates a competitive advantage as it defines a holistic solution architecture to directly acquire, grow and retain more customers.

Sales Tech Stack

Measure and Improve with Sales Analytics

Finally, apply sales analytics to make sellers smarter. Analytics advise which buyers will buy, which sale opportunities will close, which selling actions will advance an opportunity, and how salespeople can better allocate their scarce time to produce better results.

They also define the right metrics to track progress and prompt real-time corrective action when variances occur. In fact, if your information reporting is not continuously suggesting, adjusting or reprioritizing actions for your sale opportunities, it's not working.

Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics

The top performers know that effective technology is less about software and more about the alignment of sales apps with sales outcomes.

That means identifying the best technologies to aid reps with effective strategies, tactics and win plans so they win more deals. It means enabling the sellers with process automation, so they reduce manual activities and reallocate more time to customers. If the technologies don't do these things, the software is futile, and the salesforce is weakened.

Applying Technology for Improved Performance is our Business

Helping clients automate sales is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are experts with technologies such as Salesforce and applying applications for improved revenue results.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve significant and sustained improvements to revenue performance. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. And our sales enablement consultants tie it all together.

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Sales Enablement Consulting for B2B Sales Automation