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AI to Accelerate Revenue Growth

Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence can automate and bring prescriptive insights and recommendations to revenue engineering, revenue strategy execution, sales cycle interventions, revenue leakage, price optimization and a myriad of other revenue generation programs that accelerate business growth.

AI to Improve Product Innovation

Innovation is the process of converting a novel idea into a unique product, service or experience that creates value.

Salesforce Einstein AI can perform white space analysis and harvest customer data and feedback to surface the most compelling ideas to drive successful innovation.

AI to Increase Staff Productivity and Lower Costs

Einstein AI can automate repetitive activities, prioritize tasks and streamline workstreams with guided execution.

And that can increase staff productivity by 20% within two quarters, which is equivalent to gaining 8 more hours every week for every staff person.

A More Intelligent Way to Grow the Business

Artificial Intelligence can improve the company's most strategic results when it directly aids the high impact use cases that drive the most important company outcomes.

AI for Company Growth
AI for Company Growth

We help clients apply AI to improve and accelerate the programs that most impact revenue growth, including the following.

AI can harvest Voice of the Customer responses, customer support cases, won and lost sale opportunity feedback, social network comments and other customer input to identify and prioritize the problems that matter to customers. This is by far the most valuable data to improve your products and services or innovate new products and services.

There are a lot of things the company can do to drive growth. But the one that will directly impact every other is corporate culture. A high-performance growth culture improves staff and team productivity, quality of work, operational outcomes and financial results. AI can surface the actions and opportunities for an improved employee experience and provide insights to staff and management for an improved company culture.

Customer affinity is earned by knowing your customers better than your competitors, and using that knowledge to better serve them, build relationships with them and gain their loyalty. It's a sustainable competitive advantage because it isn't easily duplicated by competitors or displaced by new technologies. And it's aided with AI that routes all customer information to a central 360-degree customer view and shares that information at every customer touchpoint so it can be applied to deliver a more personalized, relevant and contextual customer experience.

AI converts data from a byproduct to an information asset. It gets the right information to the right person at the right time. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to make insights extensible to the masses. Anybody that can ask a text or voice question can get a data-driven response. AI models and algorithms extend the trajectory of data to deliver forecasts and recommendations with confidence levels. That shifts information reporting from hindsight to foresight. AI improves business intelligence to make people smarter.

AI helps marketers align offers with target audiences for the highest conversions. It brings intelligence to lead scoring so salespeople can prioritize the buyers most likely to buy. It can identify customers at risk of churn and propose retention levers to keep them. It can do all these things and many more, so staff can reduce the many monotonous and time-consuming tasks performed manually. This technology helps staff more effectively prioritize their limited time and focus on higher value objectives that drive the most important business outcomes.

Many business leaders were early adopters in AI and gained both competitive advantages and remarkable ROI. However, AI is no longer in the early days. We crossed that chasm and any business not using AI today is clearly substituting labor for technology.

Signature Services


AI for Marketing

AI to increase lead acquisitions, lead conversions and Marketing ROI

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AI for Sales

AI for improved sales coaching, staff productivity, win plans and sales win rates

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AI for Customer Service

AI for improved case resolution, agent experience and customer satisfaction

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AI Roadmap

Design an AI roadmap that drive the most important business outcomes


Salesforce Einstein AI

Get more value with Einstein best practices

How To Get Started

AI Proof of Concept
AI Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

If you have an Artificial Intelligence use case or business scenario in mind, we can bring it to life with a Proof of Concept (POC).

POCs are normally quick exercises that deliver working solutions that verify success measures and can be expanded upon. POCs shift AI from a concept to hands-on reality.

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

If you are unsure of the best AI scenarios for your business, a one-day Design Thinking workshop can surface a prioritized list of the most important and highest impact AI use cases and business outcomes.

These outcomes then become the measurable success factors for an AI POC or deployment project.

Flexible Services

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A Co-creation Approach
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A Turnkey Approach
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