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What We Can Achieve Together


Use CRM to Acquire 2X More Customers

Research published in the Sales Excellence Report shows that Best-in-Class leaders apply campaign optimization, lead management best practices and CRM automation to acquire more than twice the volume of sales-ready leads compared to their lower performing peers.


Use CRM for a 1.5X Increase in Customer Share

CRM can apply data to deliver differentiated customer experiences.

That creates customer affinity, which directly increases repeat purchases and higher margin sales. It also delivers a 1.5X improvement to customer lifetime value and 67% improvement to customer retention.


Use CRM for Innovation and Market Disruption

CRM techniques such as Voice of the Customer, white space mapping and customer intelligence can be combined with market, product and sales data to show how to improve or innovate new products and services.

This innovation drives 15 to 25% sustained revenue growth.

Salesforce Consultant Solutions

Johnny Grow expands CRM value from basic operational efficiencies to business transformation. We do it by applying four standout differences to achieve order of magnitude improvements.

Business Outcomes

Simply installing CRM software and hoping for the best will leave you with a system that captures data and not much more.
There's no ROI from capturing data. You only earn ROI from actions and best practices that deliver measurable business outcomes.
Best practices may include improved marketing campaigns or sales win rates. Outcomes will include increased customer acquisitions, customer share and customer tenure.
So, a better approach is to start with the end goals and configure CRM to those ends.
We engineer CRM processes to deliver the most important business outcomes. We create a clear line of sight from technology to revenue growth.

User First

CRM software only becomes successful when the benefits exceed the effort. That is when users get more out of the system than the effort it takes to enter data into the system.
CRM becomes sustainable when it increases staff efficiency, effectiveness and empowerment goals.
So, we start by making the user our North Star. We identify user pain points and ways to use CRM to improve their lives. We find their WIIFMS (what's in it for me).
And then we apply a combination of Design Thinking and user-centered design to create a more personalized, relevant and productive User Experience (UX). These efforts are proven to improve user adoption, increase software utilization and accelerate ROI.

Best Practices

CRM recommendations without supporting data are just somebody's opinion.
Our CRM research shows what the Best-in-Class performers (i.e., the top 15%) do better than their peers – and how they do it.
Johnny Grow Evidence-based Best Practices are engineered plays derived from research that repeat actions of top performers to achieve predictable results.
They are also instrumental in prioritizing efforts by investment and ROI.
When you apply best practices you eliminate the guesswork, avoid trial and error, and pursue the straightest and shortest path to repeatable success.

Data Transformation

CRM can tell you what leads will convert, which buyers will buy, which customers are about to churn and the optimal prices for your products.
But data must be converted from a raw material to a finished product of information or insight. That's when sales, service and customer data become your most valuable company asset.
We have the use cases and accelerators to transform data into insights that drive actions to improve user, customer and business outcomes and make better customer, product, sales and service decisions.
The most successful businesses are defined by their ability to collect and curate the right data and use data to create differentiating customer experiences and make better decisions.

Problems We Solve

The 6 Most Important CRM implementation success factors


A Best-in-Class Salesforce Implementation Roadmap


The 4 most important CRM best practices to rally user adoption


Designing CRM for the user experience (UX)


Salesforce 2.0 — A Quantum Leap in Salesforce ROI


How to use CRM software to grow customer relationships at scale


Signature Services


Salesforce Fit Assessment

An evaluation with gap analysis, measured fit, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and projected CRM ROI

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Fixed Fee Implementation Consulting Services

Make investments predictable and reduce the risk of cost overrun

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Salesforce CRM Strategy

A CRM strategy engineers the software for the most important user, customer and business outcomes

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Implement Salesforce Best Practices

Apply Evidence-based Best Practices to get more Value from your CRM Investment

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Salesforce Center of Excellence

Standup a Center of Excellence to scale CRM reach, value and impact throughout the company

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Salesforce for Innovation

Use CRM to improve products and services and drive innovation

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How To Get Started

Design Thinking Workshop
Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

When it's time to implement or step up your CRM software, a one-day Design Thinking workshop led by a senior Salesforce integration consultant will surface a prioritized list of the most important and highest impact user, customer and company outcomes.

These capabilities become the measurable success factors to demonstrate improved CRM value.

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How to Get More Value from your Existing Investment

CRM 1.0 is what follows most implementations. It's a technology-focused solution that uses CRM software for data management, simple reports and some minimal efficiencies. It's a good starting point. But CRM is misplaced and underutilized as a transaction system.

CRM 2.0 is the next iteration of Salesforce. It is designed to unlock more of your software capabilities, grow user adoption and empowerment, and better engage and serve customers.

This White Paper shares the Salesforce 2.0 Framework to shift your CRM from a technology application to a business transformation solution.

Team Certifications

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Flexible Services

Johnny Grow Salesforce advisory services are flexible to accommodate different levels of engagement.



An Advisor Approach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum business interruption


A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
  • Maximum learning and knowledge transfer


A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
  • Highest performance results

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