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Customer Affinity Drives Profitable Growth

Customer affinity is essential because strong customer relationships are a leading indicator of increased purchases, referrals, customer share and retention; all factors that deliver significant and sustained revenue growth.

Research shows customer affinity strategies also lower cost of sales and accelerate new product introductions, word of mouth referrals and customer advocacy.

Even better, customer affinity creates a protective barrier against competitors offering similar solutions and benefits.

Customer Relationships are Durable Assets

Business affinity turns first time buyers into repeat customers and repeat customers into advocates. And that makes it a valuable and durable asset.

Customer relationships are one of only four sustainable competitive advantages and a differentiator that is not easily duplicated by competitors or displaced by new technologies.

In fact, it creates a connection that can withstand disruptive technologies, competitor encroachment and the erosion of other competitive advantages.

CRM Technology Scales Customer Relationships

Your CRM system can increase customer engagement with guided selling automation, contextually delivered next-best-action recommendations, omni-channel engagement and much more.

It can harvest and convert data into buyer insights and customer intelligence.

It can apply data across the customer lifecycle to deliver differentiated customer experiences.

CRM can link data, insights, actions and outcomes so that customer engagement is streamlined, automated and scaled.

A Proven and Repeatable Customer Affinity Process

Affinity is the connection a customer has with a brand and when nurtured creates a long-term customer relationship.

Pretty much all revenues and company growth come from customers. That's why this connection is a growth accelerator. The strength of your customer relationships is inextricably linked to your business growth.

So how do you create affinity? It takes a combination of strategy and enabling technology.

Your customer strategy answers the question, how do I develop deeper customer relations to acquire, grow and retain more customers? To answer that question, your strategy identifies your ideal customer profile (ICP) and target audiences, how you solve for the customer, deliver value for the customer, communicate and collaborate with the customer, and how each of your efforts contribute to building customer relationships.

There is an evidence-based best practice for this that applies a 6-component model to bring structure, repeatability, measurability and automation to the goal.

Customer Strategy Framework
Customer Strategy Framework

There are several commercial customer strategies to achieve customer attraction and longevity, such as Customer Experience Management, omni-channel customer engagement, Customer Relationship Management and loyalty programs. Each of these customer strategies have overlap but are unique and deliver unique benefits. Complimentary strategies such as digital transformation also play a role.

Technology is also needed.

CRM software applies automation for business process consistency. It delivers insights to aid relevant and personalized customer engagement. It provides information reporting to measure progress and quickly intervene to remedy deviations or apply course corrections.

Only with a synergistic combination of customer strategy and enabling technology can you systemically develop customer affinity and customer relationships at scale.

Creating Customer Strategies, Affinity and Relationships are Johnny Grow Core Competencies

We've created a unique niche in helping clients implement strategies and technologies that acquire new customers, grow relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

We are experts in customer strategies, CRM platforms such as Salesforce and advanced technologies such as AI.

Our prescriptive methods, evidence-based best practices and technology accelerators bring proven techniques to achieve repeatable outcomes. Our purpose-built analytics bring real-time visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, governance and organizational change management.

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