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Revenue Acceleration

Our proprietary Merger and Acquisition process quantifies the growth synergies that deliver the maximum value and revenue impact. It then provides the integration plan to minimize risk, reduce business interruption and turn your long-term growth strategy into a short-term plan.

Market Dominance

Take out a competitor, leapfrog a rival or consolidate market demand.

Industry data shows that a merger between companies can reduce competition among them and immediately expand market access and market share.

Competitive Advantage

Develop M&A as a core competency and competitive advantage.

Build M&A as a capability that repeatedly and predictably creates value and accelerates revenue growth—and does so better and faster than competitors.

A Focus on Business Growth Realization

We help clients seeking inorganic growth by identifying strategic acquisition candidates, performing commercial due diligence, calculating new value and combined uplift, and realizing that value with post-merger integration programs.

Our M&A advisory services are designed to increase revenue growth and market cap for midmarket companies. What makes our M&A consulting unique is that we apply industry data, operating benchmarks and predictive analytics to quantifiably show how and how much the acquisition target can boost revenue and value over defined periods of time.

Our value proposition is squarely focused on identifying, engineering, forecasting and realizing business growth created from acquired companies. For most combinations, we apply three value realization levers.

  1. We surface and prioritize latent revenue growth opportunities for the acquisition candidate; that is untapped or underperforming revenue streams that can be quickly improved and expanded with resourcing from the acquirer.
  2. We forecast the combinational synergies such as cross-sell, expanded product and market growth opportunities, and shared distribution channels in common markets.
  3. Finally, for companies that seek to shift from incremental to order of magnitude benefits, we direct our analysis to consider business transformation. This will include growth strategies such as innovation and disruption. Transformation occurs on a highly pivotal risk-reward scale. When successful, it delivers breakthrough performance that excels shareholder value. However, if the effort exceeds company capability, management capacity and employee resourcing, it can deliver serious setbacks. So, for these opportunities, we assess capability, capacity and resourcing constraints, consider other risk factors and plan any transformation pursuant to these constraints.

For most companies, the optimal value creation is a mix of the above three synergies. So, we create a balanced portfolio that categorizes synergies with dimensions for time to value, complexity, risk and financial impact. This allows management to initiate short-term wins while also setting their sites on longer-term transformational opportunities.

Predictive Modeling

Unlocking revenue potential is a process, not an event. So, to visualize that process each of the above three levers apply data and predictive analytics so that the evaluator can test assumptions, compare performance measures, understand tradeoffs, and view pro forma revenue and profit results in real-time.

Sales Growth Predictive Model
Sales Growth Predictive Pyramid; Illustrative Model

We apply industry benchmarks to identify the target company's low hanging fruit and evidence-based best practices to forecast measurable uplift.

For example, if the acquisition candidate's sales win rate is 46%, is that good? Well, not if the industry average is 48.5%. And multiplied by the volume of deals this could be a significant deviation and unnoticed opportunity. Implementing the Sales Win Rate best practice for a 2.5% improvement, or getting to the Median level, will likely increase total revenues by 2.39%. That may be just one example of an otherwise hidden opportunity that impacts deal value.

Sales Win Rate Benchmark
Sales Win Rate Benchmark | Source: Sales Excellence Report (B2B industry average)

Our data-driven, revenue forecasting methodology is critical to deal success. As most merger and acquisition experts will attest, unlike cost savings opportunities, revenue synergies are difficult to size and more difficult to realize. Research published in the Global M&A Report by Bain & Company, found that "Overestimating revenue synergies was the most cited reason for deal failure." This is why revenue specialists with proven frameworks are essential.

Our revenue growth recommendations don't end with measurable revenue potential. They also suggest target operating models (TOM), identify centrally governed and cross functional teams, create a value realization roadmap, rationalize go-to-market motions, ensure Day One readiness, and plot a 100-day plan. This allows the company to begin unlocking new value on day one.

Merger and Acquisition Experts

Our merger and acquisition services have created a specialized niche helping midsize companies acquire other companies to unlock revenue growth and increase revenue performance of the combined organization. We show how to structure and realize significantly expanded revenue from acquired companies as part of a business growth strategy.

Instead of unsupported estimates or wishful thinking, we apply science to forecast revenue synergies. We bring industry benchmarks, evidence-based best practices, revenue conversion data and predictive models.

We also solve the pervasive problem of not realizing slated deal value.

Our prescriptive methods and technology accelerators bring proven techniques to achieve repeatable outcomes. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, our M&A advisory services include program management, organizational change management and governance programs.

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