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Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Consultant

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How We Can Help

Lower Carbon for Cost Savings

We bring world-class sustainability consultants and programs backed with best practices and purpose-built technologies.

We make sustainable processes efficient to reduce both carbon and operational costs.

Lower Carbon for Business Growth

Sustainability offers differentiation in a crowded market.

When environmental goals are achieved, companies expand their brand, company reputation and customer audiences.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Consultant

Data and technology are drivers of sustainability innovation and progress.

Our Salesforce Net Zero Cloud consultants use this technology to automate data capture, value creation and information reporting.

Turn Good Deeds into Profitable Outcomes

Sustainability isn't just idealistic. It's a business opportunity to reduce carbon, lower costs and increase revenues. For example, there are methods to make carbon reduction profitable, including the following:

  1. We routinely apply customer insights to deliver sustainability outcomes that generate customer acquisitions, price premiums and higher customer lifetime value (CLV) from target audiences.
  2. We can expand brand reach and recognition with program results that will attract additional markets or white space revenue streams.
  3. We append innovation programs with carbon reduction goals that produce more efficient and effective product and process innovations.

Customers are increasingly rewarding sustainable brands.

IBM research found that more than half of all consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands that are environmentally responsible, and 57% of consumers are willing to change vendors to help reduce environmental impact (Source: Meet the Consumers driving changes by IBM Institute of Business Value.)

And while sustainable products are still in the minority, they are driving the most growth. Research from NYU shows that "Despite the fact that Sustainability-Marketed Products are 16% of the market, they delivered more than half of the market growth” (Source: NYU research report titled, Sustainable Share Index, Research on IRI Purchasing Data.)

Your company can do well (make money) and do good (reduce carbon) at the same time. Sustainability need not be a philanthropic exercise but instead a three-prong business strategy to reduce carbon, lower costs and increase revenues.

A Sustainability Consultant and Partner

We partner with clients to bring insights and experts to their environmental and business objectives.

We can turn sustainability into a core component of company growth. We can reframe or refine your carbon reduction strategy to achieve value creation, drive business goals and maximize the ROI of your investment.

We know that linking your vision to pragmatic execution is key to success.

So, we bring processes to build competitive advantage, best practices to do it in the least time, technology to automate data capture and information reporting, key metrics to measure what matters, and investor-grade reporting to show progress and results.

It's an integrated approach that spans from intent to impact and connects vision, strategy, execution and results.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Consultant

Data and technology turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.

Purpose-built solutions such as the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud ingest data from multiple systems, convert energy consumption into carbon emission measures, provide AI-based emissions recommendations, deliver management reporting with key metrics, and use dashboards to simulate scenarios that show the fastest path to net zero.

Customers want information about the emissions impact for the products they purchase. Suppliers that provide that information will grow their acquisitions of environmentally friendly customers, customer lifetime value and customer advocacy.

Johnny Grow Leads by Example

Johnny Grow is a catalyst and thought leader for environmental advancements. We not only help clients reach net zero, we achieve that goal ourselves.

We are carbon neutral and ISO 14001 certified.

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Sustainable Business Consulting

Sustainable Business Consulting