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Use Technology to Drive Revenue Growth

According to the IBM research report titled, Top Technologies Driving Growth, and which surveyed 3,000 CEOs, technology significantly correlated with financial performance.

The study found that "more tech-savvy organizations outperformed their less tech-savvy peers on revenue growth by an average of 6 percentage points."

Use Tech Strategy to Drive Company Growth & ROI

Growth technology research found the highest growth companies were 3.7 times more likely to plan, procure, operate and refresh business growth software applications pursuant to a growth technology strategy and roadmap.

And their tech strategy paid off. They achieved 26% higher user satisfaction and 36% higher technology ROI.

Implement a Technology Center of Excellence

The research also found that while only 23% of all companies operate a technology Center of Excellence (CoE), that cohort was disproportionately made up of the top growth companies.

In fact, the highest growth companies operated a technology CoE 4.8 times more frequently than all others.

A Better Way

Software technology is a business growth accelerant. But which technologies are most effective?

Research performed for the Business Growth Report answered that question. The results are shown below for each performance archetype.

Top 5 Revenue Growth Technologies
Top 5 Revenue Growth Technologies | Source: Business Growth Report

The data surfaced three additional findings.

First, the Best-in-Class archetype managed a business growth engine that included several types of innovation applications, including white space analysis apps, market intelligence apps, Voice of the Customer, crowdsourcing and social listening. Lower growth companies tended to rank far fewer apps in this category.

Second, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) software were scored as the most effective growth applications. However, when the data was viewed by growth archetype, it surfaced some unexpected results.

CRM and MAP applications were rated as both effective and ineffective by large numbers of respondents. The Best-in-Class were consistent with high marks while Medians and Laggards delivered more inconsistent and far lower scoring.

When correlating the data with other factors such as user satisfaction and technology ROI, it became clear that application effectiveness was less about the application and more about how it was designed, implemented, and continuously advanced. These technologies were most effective when implemented as part of a revenue growth engine.

Third, growth technologies organized into RevTech stacks, and as part of a business growth engine, achieved the highest technology ROI and were used by just over two-thirds of the highest growth companies.

A RevTech stack is a managed technology portfolio of revenue technologies that includes apps to grow the sales funnel, convert leads to revenue, drive innovation, apply analytics and benefit from advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

RevTech Stack

Applying Rev Tech is a Johnny Grow Core Competency

We are RevTech consulting specialists. We've created a unique niche in helping clients implement growth technologies and build revenue growth engines that accelerate company revenues.

We are experts in CRM technologies such as Salesforce and MAP applications such as Adobe.

Our prescriptive methods, evidence-based best practices and technology accelerators bring proven techniques to achieve repeatable outcomes. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

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