Customer Service Insights

Business Research

The 9 Most Important Customer Service Best Practices

Research findings show the top 9 contact center best practices to achieve customer service excellence and Best-in-Class performance.

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What Customers Like and Loathe about Customer Service

Customer service research ranks what customers want from contact and call centers. Use this data to fuel your journey toward customer service excellence.

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Customer Service AI

The top 5 customer service technologies as scored by agents

Research findings show the most used and the most valuable customer service and call center technology solutions as scored by the agents who use them.

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Business Strategy

Create a Powerful Customer Service Strategy in 4 Steps

The right customer service strategy targets the most important outcomes, defines the programs to achieve them and creates a roadmap for streamlined execution.

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Best in Class Customer Service

How to Deliver Quality Customer Service — 8 Best Practices

Research findings reveal the 8 contact and call center best practices that consistently delivered the highest customer service quality scores.

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Predictive Analytics

Customer Service Predictive Analytics – See the Future

See how Customer Service or the Contact Center can apply predictive models to improve the agent experience, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

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Salesforce Dashboard

The Ultimate Customer Service Dashboard

The most effective customer service dashboard, built on 7 best practices, to empower agents and turn data into the call centers most valuable asset.

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CRM Customer

Customer Service Segmentation – The Strategy and ROI

Research findings show how the Best-in-Class customer service organizations apply customer segment strategies to grow customer share, retention and ROI.

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Customer Satisfaction

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction by Double Digits

Research reveals 4 steps to systemically improve customer satisfaction and the follow-on benefits of increased customer purchases, referrals and lifetime value.

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CRM Software

How to Achieve Best in Class CRM for Customer Service

A 3-step CRM optimization process to advance customer service CRM software from basic operation, to advanced utilization, to world class performance.

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Revenue Growth

The Top Methods to Reduce Customer Service Costs

Research findings show the top methods and programs to decrease contact center costs while at the same time improve customer services.

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Data Analytics

Make Customer Service Analytics a Competitive Advantage

Research shows how the Best-in-Class customer service operators use analytics to improve processes, customer interactions and competitive advantage.

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Customer Service Insights