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Business Consultant

What a Marketing Operations Consultant Can Do for You

Here are the 3 things a Marketing Operations Consultant does to boost your marketing performance and business results.

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CRM Dashboard

Marketing Operations KPIs | The 8 That Matter the Most

If you want to show marketing’s greatest contribution to the company, avoid the activity and vanity metrics and focus on these 8 Marketing Operations KPIs.

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Marketing Maturity Model

The Marketing Maturity Model for Best-in-Class Performance

Research shows how a marketing maturity model provides a roadmap to achieve Best-in-Class marketing performance.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

The Complete Guide to B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment

A 5 step guide to sales and marketing alignment, and increasing revenue growth by 32 percent.

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Lead Management Implementation Guide

How to Implement a World Class Lead Management Program

A step by step guide to design and implement a world class lead management program that increases lead conversions and decreases lead leakage.

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Lead Routing

The Top 3 Lead Routing Methods. Which is right for you?

The advantages, disadvantages and best fit scenarios for lead routing methods such as round robin, simple variable models and dynamic models.

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Lead Management Best Practices

The 7 Most Important Lead Management Best Practices

Use these high impact Lead Management Best Practices to increase lead conversions, accelerate sales velocity, and lower lead leakage.

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Nurture Campaign Best Practices

Nurture Campaign Best Practices: The Top 7

The 7 nurture campaign best practices that increase sales lead conversions by 45 percent.

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Nurture Marketing Campaign

How Nurture Marketing Campaigns Double Sales Leads

Research findings show how nurture marketing campaigns double the volume of qualified sales lead acquisitions and cut the cost per lead in half.

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Lead Scoring Best Practices

The Top 7 Lead Scoring Best Practices

These Lead Scoring Best Practices calculate buyer fit, measure buyer readiness and improve sales lead conversions by 20 to 40 percent.

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Marketing Engine

A Marketing Engine to Scale Business Growth

Use this Marketing Engine to grow the sales funnel, expand the brand, increase marketing ROI and step-up marketing’s revenue contribution to the company.

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How to get more customers

How to Get More Customers: The Top 5 Methods

If you want to know how to get more customers, start with these 5 methods. Each is proven to scale new customer acquisitions.

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