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What We Can Achieve Together

AI to Improve the Agent Experience

Salesforce Einstein Service Cloud delivers guided resolution and workflow automation to improve the agent experience, and in turn increase agent productivity and decrease staff turnover.

AI to Improve the Customer Experience

Improved case resolutions deliver more satisfied customers. Research shows that when Artificial Intelligence supports customer service processes, customer satisfaction improves by double digits.

AI to Improve Customer Support ROI

A McKinsey report titled, Customer Experience: New capabilities, new audiences, new opportunities, found that companies that harness AI for customer response achieve revenue gains of 5-10% and reduce costs by 15-25%.

These are just a few examples of how AI can drive significant improvements to agent and customer satisfaction while lowering cost to serve.

A More Intelligent Way to Improve Customer Support Programs

Customer service AI adoption projects pursued in a technology vacuum typically disappoint.

Anybody can get AI to run, but using it to improve the agent experience, elevate the customer experience, lower cost to serve and increase contact center ROI is an entirely different pursuit.

AI as a technology is interesting. AI used to improve the most important business outcomes is a game changer.

An AI Framework to Accelerate Results and Maximize ROI

Any technology is only sustainable if it shows a clear ROI.

To demonstrate the ROI for this technology, it's important to begin with high impact use cases that drive the most important call center outcomes and then leverage the tech for itsĀ  unique automation and intelligence capabilities.

The Johnny Grow Artificial Intelligence Framework shows how to apply specific use cases to achieve measurable business outcomes.

AI for Customer Service

The Time for Customer Service AI is Now

AI works best when designed for agent productivity, performance and personal goals.

It aids agent productivity with guided service fulfillment, next-best-action recommendations, suggested knowledgebase articles, case resolution responses and personalized offers. It can even suggest how to use customer data to deliver differentiated customer experiences.

It can measure customer behavior and case trends, forecast contact center staffing and enable proactive customer support by identifying customer problems before they occur.

Artificial Intelligence adds value to most other call center technologies. It makes call routing more efficient, case resolution more timely, chatbots more conversant, customer sentiment more detectable and analytics more predictive.

It's an underlying technology to achieve several overarching objectives.

And the technology has become democratized as it is embedded in Salesforce with AI. This packaged integration removes technical barriers and puts AI capabilities into the hands of business analysts and contact center managers.

Using AI to Improve Customer Support is Our Business

We help clients make better use of AI in ways that immediately improve the agent experience and customer experience while simultaneously lowering cost to serve.

We are experts with AI technologies and the Einstein Service Cloud.

Our prescriptive framework and supporting best practices bring proven techniques to achieve forecasted outcomes. Our analytics bring visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results. And our Salesforce Einstein consultants bring it all together.

Johnny Grow AI for Customer Service Signature Services

AI for Better Service

Achieve faster case resolution, higher customer satisfaction and lower cost to serve

AI for Agents

Aid agents in their daily work, step up process automation and improve the agent experience

AI for Customers

Apply insights and automation to deliver differentiated customer experiences

Better Use of Artificial Intelligence Starts Here

If you are looking to take advantage of AI in the contact or call center, we have some options.

Visit the Salesforce Einstein AI Insights Hub for technology advice, expert recommendations, best practices and research findings.

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