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What We Can Achieve Together

Apply Sustainability for Cost Savings

A sustainable supply chain adopts more efficient processes and systems to lower transportation costs, recycle shipping materials, generate less waste and reduce logistics-related emissions.

Research shows that supply chain initiatives lower emissions and expenses for U.S. companies.

Apply Sustainability for Business Growth

Sustainability offers differentiation in a crowded distribution market.

Many research advisories report that both consumers and retailers are willing to pay premiums for goods that are responsibly sourced – and willing to switch to more sustainable supply chain partners.

Apply Technology to Manage Sustainability

Data and technology are the drivers of sustainability management and progress.

We use packaged applications such as the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to adopt best practices and minimize implementation time, cost and complexity.

Create a Sustainable Supply Chain

McKinsey advises that company supply chains account for more than 80% of their greenhouse-gas emissions. Boston Consulting Group echoes that finding and advises global supply chains account for 80% of the planet’s carbon emissions. Of these, more than 90% of the companies in the supply chains are small- to medium-sized enterprises. The consultancy also advises that for "most supply chains, the costs of getting to net zero are surprisingly low."

It's a problem that will continue to be important to both consumers and the companies that serve them. It's also a business opportunity for forward thinking distributors and supply chain operators.

Turn Good Intentions into Profitable Outcomes

Sustainability isn't just idealistic. It's a business opportunity to reduce carbon, lower costs and increase revenues. For example, there are many methods to make sustainability profitable, including the following:

  1. We routinely apply customer insights to deliver sustainability outcomes that generate increased patronage, price premiums and higher customer lifetime value (CLV) from target audiences.
  2. We can expand brand reach and recognition with sustainability outcomes that will attract additional markets or new white space revenue streams.
  3. We append innovation programs with sustainability goals that produce more efficient and effective product and process innovations.

Customers are increasingly rewarding sustainable suppliers.

IBM research found that more than half of all consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands that are environmentally responsible, and 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce environmental impact (Source: Meet the Consumers driving changes by IBM Institute of Business Value.)

At a broader level, research shows that "Despite the fact that Sustainability-Marketed Products are 16% of the market, they delivered more than half of the market growth" (Source: NYU report titled, Sustainable Share Index.)

Your company can do well (make money) and do good (prioritize sustainability) at the same time. Sustainability isn't just idealistic, it's a business strategy to reduce carbon, lower costs and increase revenues.

Data and Technology Drive Sustainability Progress

Data and technology turn environmental challenges into measurable business opportunities.

Packaged solutions such as the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud (formerly known as Sustainability Cloud) ingest data from multiple sources, convert energy consumption into carbon emissions measures, analyze Scope 1 and 2 emissions data, provide AI-based emissions recommendations, deliver management reporting with key metrics, and use dashboards to simulate scenarios that show the fastest path to net zero.

Customers want information about the emissions impact for the products they purchase. Suppliers that use technology to provide that information will grow customer acquisitions of environmentally friendly customers, customer lifetime value and customer advocacy.

Create Leaner and Greener Supply Chains

We help clients take a holistic approach to achieve fully sustainable supply chains. That means applying a combination of customer programs, business processes and supporting technologies to realize a more socially responsible business – and realize the financial results important to the company.

Our services include creating the Sustainability Business Case to justify the needed investment, prioritizing the high impact use cases to achieve targeted objectives in the shortest timeframe and implementing technology to bring data management, process automation and information reporting to the program.

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting Framework is a 3-step approach that integrates prescriptive use cases, measurable business outcomes and sustainability technologies. It's designed to show the high value use cases that deliver quick-wins and enough payback to fund the sustainable journey.

We are experts with sustainability technologies such as the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and we are ISO 14001 certified.

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