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Use a Professional Services Technology Stack to Maximize Automation and Minimize IT Cost

Strategically designed Professional Services tech stacks replace departmental and piecemeal systems with a holistic software portfolio that improves lead acquisitions, sales conversions, project delivery, customer satisfaction and services profitability.

It also maximizes technology investments and future-proofs technology decisions.

Use PSA Software to Improve Resource Utilization, Project Outcomes and Financial Margins

Research from the PSA Benchmark Report found that Professional Services Automation (PSA) software improves project margins by an average of 5 to 7%, increases resource utilization by 4% and decreases revenue leakage by 3%.

And because it provides on-demand access to client and project information it can free up 15 to 25% of a project manager's time.

Apply Data & Analytics to Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Business Growth Report found that most service companies were data rich and information poor.

However, the highest growth companies used data transformation, dashboards and predictive analytics to dramatically improve project outcomes, customer engagement and revenue growth – and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Highest Impact Professional Services Technologies

Research performed for the Business Growth Report found three technologies that stood above all others. Professional Services Automation software, an integrated technology stack and revenue analytics most contributed to significant and sustained revenue growth for service companies.

PSA software is the flagship business application for professional service firms and aids important objectives.

  1. Improve resource management. PSA software aligns client or project requirements with resources that have the needed skills and competencies. Resource optimization, including scheduling, onboarding, collaboration and performance management, is proven to increase staff performance and utilization.
  2. Improve project outcomes. PSA systems give project managers more control and visibility with information reporting that flags or forecasts deviations in scope, time, cost, quality or outcomes. It facilitates a standardized approach to the services delivery lifecycle and promotes consistent and automated processes to manage concurrent projects more effectively and in less time.
  3. Improve financial margins. Better planning, tighter resource management, process automation and real-time visibility to project progress or variances collectively drive increased resource utilization, fewer missteps and non-billable time, adherence to schedule and the delivery of forecasted objectives.

Research shows the Best-in-Class (top 15 percent) professional service organizations use PSA software to achieve the two overarching customer objectives of improved project quality and client satisfaction, and which in turn lead to the three company objectives of increasing customer acquisitions, customer share, and customer retention.

The PSA application is the system of record for projects. Just as your CRM software delivers a 360-degree customer view, PSA software delivers the 360-degree project view.

360 Degree Project View

Most professional service companies operate departmental applications that are pretty much isolated. They lack process automation outside their boundaries. They use piecemeal technologies that work only for their departmental interests. They harvest much smaller data sets for information reporting and contribute to fragmented customer experiences.

An enterprise-wide professional services technology portfolio, often called a ProServ tech stack, can fix these issues and accelerate company growth.

A tech stack is an integrated platform of applications that collectively improve the user experience, project execution, process automation, information reporting and scale. It defines the optimal combination of integrated growth technologies that most drive client success and company growth. 

Professional Services Tech Stack

Data and analytics make professional service companies smarter. They show how the brand impacts buyer decisions. They demonstrate which campaigns acquire the best leads. They visualize how the salesforce accelerates revenue. And they forecast how project performance impacts margins and client expansion.

They also show when things aren't working. Analytics convert raw data into actionable insights and route those insights to the people that can use them to resolve a variance, implement a course correction, make a timely decision, or take some other informed action.

Research performed for the Business Growth Report found that the highest growth service companies made extensive use of revenue analytics to achieve their results. It also found the three most effective revenue analytics tools are digital dashboards, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Professional Services Dashboard

Data and analytics provide an early warning system to show when projects are in trouble – well before end of period reporting or when a client raises a complaint.

Professional Services Technology is Our Core Competency

We help clients design and implement professional services software applications that improve the employee experience, project deliveries and revenue growth.

Our prescriptive methods, evidence-based best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve repeatable outcomes. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results.

To de-risk our services, we integrate program management, organizational change management and governance.

How To Get Started

Design Thinking Workshop
Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

When it's time to implement or step up your professional services software, a one-day Design Thinking workshop will surface a prioritized list of the most important and highest impact user, customer and company outcomes.

These outcomes become your onramp to improved services delivery and revenue growth.

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