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What We Can Achieve Together

AI to Increase Sales Win Rates

A sale methodology, predictable sales process and sales win plan create the trifecta to improve sales win rates by double digits.

Salesforce Einstein can integrate these three sales assets and deliver relevant and contextual insights to improve each, and collectively improve sales conversions.

AI to Improve Salesperson Productivity

Einstein artificial intelligence can increase salesperson and sales manager productivity by 20% within two quarters. That's 8 more hours per week.

It can also Shift-Right sales resources by refining the top 20%, advancing the middle 60% and improving the bottom 20%.

AI to Accelerate Revenue Growth

Salesforce AI automates guided sales execution, delivers sales insights, powers revenue engineering, accelerates product innovation, unlocks new revenue streams and performs price optimization.

These capabilities fuel significant and sustained revenue growth.

A More Intelligent Way to Improve Sales Results

Artificial Intelligence projects pursued in a technology vacuum normally disappoint.

Anybody can get this technology to run, but effectively using it to improve salesperson performance, sales results and revenue growth is an entirely different pursuit.

AI as a sales enablement technology is interesting. AI used to improve the most important sales outcomes is a game changer.

An Artificial Intelligence Framework to Accelerate Sales Results

The most successful AI projects for the salesforce align the technology with high impact use cases that drive the most significant revenue outcomes. The Johnny Grow AI Framework applies sales use cases supported with evidence-based best practices that fully leverage this technology to achieve the five overarching sales outcomes shown in the below diagram.

Einstein AI for Sales

The Time for Salesforce Artificial Intelligence is Now

For most salespeople and sales managers, the benefits of data-driven sales execution remain limited by their ability to access, analyze and act on insights. AI applies automation to accelerate data analysis, create predictive models and feed recommendation engines so that salespeople can predict buyer behaviors, facilitate buyer journeys, detect customer sentiment, optimize sales win plans and otherwise receive and act upon data-driven insights.

AI can sift through large volumes of lead, customer and sale opportunity data in real-time to score leads and opportunities, make predictive recommendations for offers, content and engagement, monitor every sale opportunity to suggest when interventions are needed and facilitate guided selling.

Customers expect companies to understand their needs. They expect salespeople to be relevant and responsive. This cannot be done at scale without some form of AI technology.

And the technology is embedded in Salesforce with Einstein AI. This packaged integration removes technical barriers and puts this technology into the hands of business analysts and sales managers.

Using AI to Improve Sales Performance is Our Business

We help sales leaders use AI to better engage their prospects, create more effective sales win plans, increase sales conversions, make more informed decisions, and grow year over year revenue.

Our prescriptive methods, evidence-based best practices and automation tools bring proven techniques to achieve repeatable outcomes. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results. And our Salesforce consultants bring it all together.

To de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance oversight.

Johnny Grow AI Signature Services

AI for Sales Outcomes

AI for improved salesperson performance, salesperson productivity, sales win plans and sale opportunity win rates

AI for Sales & Marketing Alignment

AI to bring process automation and reporting to Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreements (SLA)

AI for Revenue Growth

AI for revenue engineering, product innovation, market disruption, price optimization and territory expansion programs

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