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Higher Sales Win Rates

CSO Insights reported that companies with formal coaching programs achieved 10% higher win rates that those companies without.

And according to the Center for Sales Strategy, companies who spent more time coaching achieved an 8.2% higher sales win rate.

Higher Quota Attainment

Research published by Revegy shows that advancing from an informal to formal coaching program increased salesforce quota attainment by 24.8%.

Those salesforces with informal programs averaged 49.9% quota achievement while those with formal programs achieved 62.3%.

Higher Revenue Growth

The Corporate Executive Board (part of Gartner) reported a 19% revenue boost from effective coaching.

And according to the Sales Management Association, companies that deliver active coaching achieve 16.7% greater annual revenue growth than those who do not.

A Better Way

To most sales managers, coaching sounds like a good idea. But good ideas are a dime a dozen and no good idea is sustainable unless it can show a positive ROI and direct contribution to the most important goals.

Research published in the Sales Excellence Report found that salesforce coaching effectiveness and ROI were closely linked to program maturity. The research surfaced two overarching findings.

First, coaching ROI skyrocketed for participants that applied formal and regular coaching. Only 23% of respondents with informal and irregular programs reported a positive ROI. However, that figure more than tripled for respondents that brought structure, regular cadence and technology to their program.

Sales Coaching ROI
Sales Coaching ROI | Source: Sales Excellence Report

The second finding was discovered by correlating coaching maturity levels with the most important performance measures. The data demonstrated that more mature programs highly correlated with higher sales win rates, salesforce quota attainment, year over year revenue growth and salesperson tenure.

Sales Coaching Maturity Model
Sales Coaching Maturity Model

To put this in perspective, the cohort with the most mature programs achieved some remarkable results in several of the most important revenue performance measures.

Sales Coaching Benefits
Sales Coaching Benefits

Sales Optimization Consulting is our Business

Coaching sales leaders to improve programs with proven models and supporting technology is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are sales operations consulting specialists. We are experts in coaching methodologies such as The GROW model and CRM systems such as Salesforce.

Our sales coaching platform includes prescriptive methods, best practices and acceleration tools that bring proven techniques to achieve significant improvements to salesforce development, opportunity conversions, quota attainment, year over year revenue growth and salesperson tenure.

Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. And our sales operations consulting staff tie it all together.

To de-risk your goals, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance.

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