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A Better Way

Research performed for the Sales Excellence Report found that the Best-in-Class sales leaders (i.e., the top 15 percent) grew revenues 1.6X more than their peers by applying an optimal combination of strategy, execution and technology.

We've applied this research and refined the Johnny Grow Sales Acceleration Formula for more than two decades. It's something we call EXCEL and it's a replicable 3-component sales accelerator.

Sales Acceleration Framework

The sales acceleration formula consists of a strategy to achieve measurable goals, Go-to-Market execution for predictable outcomes and technologies for process automation and information reporting. Here's how we use it to help clients grow revenue to new heights.


Sales Strategy

The formula starts with a strategy that applies data to calculate pro forma revenue results.

It identifies your prioritized objectives, plots the most direct path to success and determines the methods to achieve those goals.

We use an interactive model with linkage from lower-level activities to company results. That enables managers to perform dynamic modeling and What-If scenarios. It allows them to test alternate routes and compare tradeoffs and thereby engineer financial outcomes.

Sales Growth Predictive Model
Sales Growth Predictive Pyramid; Illustrative Model

The Johnny Grow Predictive Pyramid defines a calculated approach to achieve a growth target in the least time and cost, and with the least risk.

The selected tactics are not random events or unsupported wishful thinking but repeatable methods and best practices that calculate conversions based on company data and industry benchmarks.

Strategy is a precursor to everything that comes after. Great execution won't get you very far if your strategy is wrong.


Go-to-Market Execution

Just doing more of what you are already doing is unlikely to accelerate revenue beyond the current pace.

To do better, a senior B2B sales consultant advises the right mix of best practices, redesigns ineffective processes and streamlines how work gets done.

Sales Best Practices
Sales Best Practices | Source: Sales Excellence Research Report

Evidence-based best practices are validated by research, implemented with a prescriptive framework, measured with purpose-built analytics and fully leverage CRM technology automation.

A single best practice will deliver incremental revenue growth. A collection of best practices will deliver exponentially more.

Certain best practices overlap, so doing them together will reduce time and increase the impact for both. And completing some best practices will provide a jump start to others. So, logically sequencing them can further decrease time and investment and accelerate results.

Because the Sales Accelerator best practices are data driven, they can be modeled to show investment, time to value, cash flow impact and ROI.

Using best practices produces the outcomes that most matter and avoids wasting time with activities that don't. This creates focus and makes it clear what staff need to start doing, stop doing or do differently.


Supporting Technologies

The right technologies are essential to achieving process automation, information reporting and scale, all of which are needed to fuel revenue growth.

The thing about sales plans is they seldom go according to plan. That's why revenue analytics are needed to display real-time variances that need quick remediation.

Sales dashboards are the top delivery tool to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard

We use dashboards to quickly show what's working and what's not. To shift from dashboards that are merely interesting to those that induce action, we highlight variances and provide links to actions, such as a playbook, best practice or guided selling recommendation.

The most important thing for dashboards is to display deviations that need intervention and induce action. If your information reporting is not causing continuous course corrections and shifting tactics, you're doing it wrong.

Revenue Acceleration is our Business

Helping clients achieve revenue growth is our core competency. Everything we do applies to this singular purpose.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and technology tools bring proven techniques to achieve significant and sustained revenue growth. Our purpose-built revenue analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. Our B2B sales consulting specialists tie it all together.

To de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, governance oversight and organizational change management.

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