Boost Sales Quota Attainment with a Sale Methodology


  • Research clearly shows that sales quota achievements are directly impacted by the effective use of sale methodologies.
  • Salesforce's that apply formal sale methodologies achieve their revenue targets significantly more often than those that don't.
  • The research also found a trifecta impact whereby the combination of a predictable sales process, sale methodology and CRM integration delivered the highest quota performance results.
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I previously shared top methods to help more salespeople make sales quota more often. This article drills down to illustrate the inextricable link between a sale methodology and quota attainment.

Salespeople constantly monitor their quota progress. They know how much they have sold for the period and how much more they need to sell to hit their target. Where the challenge occurs is how they should get there. A Sale Methodology bridges the gap between what needs to be done and how to do it. The best selling methodologies turn goals into prescriptive recommendations.

Research performed for the Sales Excellence Report measured team quota accomplishment for each sale methodology maturity level.

Sales Team Quota Attainment

See the research findings which show an inextricable link between effective use of a sale methodology and salesforce quota attainment.

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The breakthrough point, where a salesforce outperforms peers, occurs when advancing from an informal to formal sales methodology. This shift creates the single biggest impact to sales team quota achievement.

The analysis then examined related correlations. The two factors that most align with sale methodology to impact team quota achievement are sales process maturity and CRM software integration. The following chart shows how this achievement is further elevated when a methodology is combined with an optimized Sales Process and integrated CRM software.

Sales Team Quota Attainment

The research was clear in surfacing a direct connection among sales team quota achievement and Sale Methodology, Sales Process and integration of technology.

But to be clear, just having a sale methodology, sales process and CRM software does not deliver breakthrough performance or higher quota achievement. To be effective, these capabilities must be integrated, automated and consistently applied.

The data shows that when the sale methodology is separate from the sales process, adoption for both declines. Similarly, when reps need to track sales process or sale methodology activities outside the CRM system, adoption falls further.

The trifecta occurs when the CRM software orchestrates sales process steps and sale methodology actions in a single location.

For companies considering this type of integrated framework, sequence can be important. Among veteran sales leaders and consultants versed in designing and implementing integrated sales frameworks, there's a bit of a chicken and egg dilemma in determining whether a selling process or methodology should come first.

Selling processes are built for sales cycle sequential navigation and designed for efficiency. They're like roadmaps to measure progress and steer each deal to a clear destination.

Sale methodologies bring the methods or specific actions to advance prospects within each step of the sales process.

Your process defines what to do while your methodology describes how to do it.

The reality is that doing them in parallel will achieve the best results and incur less time that doing them separately. However, if one must come before the other, streamlined processes are generally designed in less time, so they are often done first.

What is also clear is that technology comes last. There's no sense in automating inefficient processes.

One of my favorite quotes on this topic is from Bill Gates.

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