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Improved CRM Success

A Salesforce CRM strategy focuses the application on the most important user, customer and business outcomes.

Research shows that when a strategy preceded the implementation, the program was 2.5 times more likely to be successful.

Increased ROI

A strategy creates a line of sight from technology to revenue and profit.

Research revealed that respondents with a documented strategy that directed application design and implementation achieved 3 times higher return on investment (ROI).

Revenue Growth

A customer management strategy defines the optimal approach to achieve customer and revenue objectives using technology.

The research found respondents with an active strategy achieved revenue growth 1.96X more frequently than those without.

A Better Way to Use CRM

Customer Relationship Management software implemented in a technology vacuum under delivers business benefits and disappoints users. If you are not engineering user outcomes, you're just creating another place to enter the same data. Industry analysts refer to this as repaving the cow path.

And if you are not directly aligning the CRM software to drive the most important user, customer and business outcomes, well then, the application reverts from a customer and revenue growth technology to a system that captures data. Data is not valuable because it sits in an information system. Data is valuable when it used to produce a user, customer or business outcome – which is what the strategy defines.

There's a better way.

Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy aimed and growing mutually beneficial and profitable customer relationships at scale.

CRM software is the technology that enables that strategy. The technology provides the data management, process automation, and information reporting to achieve the strategic goals, things like acquiring, growing and retaining customers.

The strategy is the linkage from the software to the business outcomes. It shows specifically how the software will achieve the objectives. Without strategy that link is left to chance, and the business outcomes are unlikely to happen.

Customer Relationship Management research shows technology is an enabler, not a panacea. Research data clearly reveal that business value is enabled with CRM technology, but not achieved with technology alone. In the words of one survey participant, "Naively believing technology by itself will improve business performance is a fool's errand." The research also finds several compelling financial benefits when aligning strategy with technology.

CRM Strategy Benefits
CRM Strategy Research Findings | Source: CRM Benchmark Report

CRM strategy and software are symbiotic. Powerful together, but ineffectual apart. Without strategy, technology is designed in a vacuum and execution is aimless.

An implementation without a strategy is a lot like watching a foreign language film without subtitles. A lot of activity, but you have no idea where it's going.

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Helping clients apply technology for business growth is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are experts with CRM technologies such as Salesforce and applying technologies for improved business outcomes.

CRM strategy projects are normally short (often a week) but provide the roadmap to consistently, systemically and predictably grow customer relationships at scale, and achieve essential downstream benefits such as increased customer acquisitions, customer share and retention.

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