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Marketing Cloud Best Practices

The CRM Benchmark Report found that marketers had a goal to grow the funnel. To accomplish that goal, the top performers adopted 6 marketing best practices, shifted from piecemeal campaign management to portfolio management, and applied integrated marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Sales Cloud Best Practices

The same report found that the Best-in-Class sales leaders applied a mix of 8 practices to increase lead generation and boost the sales pipeline. They used up to 6 practices to increase the sales win rate and make revenue generation more visible, predictable and deterministic.

Service Cloud Best Practices

Customer service leaders applied Salesforce Service Cloud best practices to achieve their top three goals of improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer retention and lowering the cost to serve. Each goal was driven with a group of 6 practices that delivered Best-in-Class performance results.

Facts, Not Opinions

CRM design, implementation, or optimization recommendations without supporting data are just opinions.

A better approach is to start with research-based findings that show what's really possible. That way you can learn from companies that have done it and apply the most effective practices to repeat their performance. This approach avoids trial and error and pursues the straightest and shortest route to repeatable success.

Johnny Grow CRM research generates qualitative insights and quantitative benchmarks that roll up into Evidence-based Best Practices. These are prescriptive methods backed by industry benchmark data that show what the top performing companies do differently than their peers; and how they do it.

Best Practices

These quantifiable methods change the question from "What can you do to improve CRM effectiveness?", to "What should you do?" based on the lessons and methods that have worked for your industry peers and have proven to be consistent and predictable.

The most successful CRM programs do not pursue technology goals in a vacuum. Technology is not a business outcome. It's a tool to achieve business outcomes. Salesforce Best Practices start by identifying the most important user, customer and company outcomes and then apply one or more specific technology capabilities to achieve them.

Below are the 9 high impact practices derived from the CRM Benchmark research report.

CRM Best Practices

Each evidence-based method is validated by field research, implemented with a prescriptive framework, measured with purpose-built analytics and fully leverages Salesforce for technology automation. And because they are data driven, they can be modeled to show investment, cash flow impact, time to value and payback.

Each also shows the prerequisites, inter-dependency relationships and sequence optimization, so that each method achieves its goal and delivers by-products that jump start or contribute to the next.

Industry research and validated results take the guesswork out of CRM software success.

Salesforce Best Practices

Improving CRM Effectiveness is our Business

Helping clients get more value from their technology investment is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are experts with Salesforce implementation best practices. We have created a unique niche in applying them to improve user adoption, software utilization, technology ROI and business outcomes.

Our prescriptive methods and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to increase value and decrease risk. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

Research Reveals the Top 9 CRM Best Practices

CRM Best Practices White Paper

Research performed for the CRM Benchmark Report revealed 9 CRM configurations and assets that most contributed to user adoption, software utilization and technology ROI. The data also found that companies which adopted a majority of these constructs achieved 2.1 times higher CRM ROI than companies that didn't.

Even better, these Best-in-Class Leaders exceeded their peers in marketing conversions, sales conversions, customer satisfaction and year over year revenue growth.

Download this report to learn the configurations that become your roadmap to CRM operational excellence.

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