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Is Salesforce a fit for your business? Let's find out.

The More You Know the Faster You Go

CRM software is the most used technology for business growth initiatives, and Salesforce is the most used CRM software application. For many clients, there is an appeal to go with the market leader.

However, the decision to select a new application will affect the company for many years so buyers want to know how the software will fit their business and support their objectives before they sign a multiple year contract. The Salesforce Fit Assessment is designed for this purpose.

To focus limited time in the most impactful areas, we apply a 6-dimension Salesforce Evaluation Framework.

Salesforce Fit Assessment Framework

Business Outcomes

It's important to recognize that evaluating CRM software is less about technology in a vacuum and more about how the software will directly impact your company's business priorities. That's why we start with the end goals and work backwards to understand how the application will aid them.

Business outcomes include things like increasing customer acquisitions, growing customer share and reducing customer churn. They also include user goals such as efficiency, effectiveness and empowerment. Goals must be specific and measurable to be accurately aligned with the application.


Software Capabilities

Based on the prioritized business outcomes, we validate the software feature sets needed to achieve them. Capabilities may include things like ease of use, mobility, offline operation, customer self-service channels, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and Outlook or social network integration.


Process Automation

Our mantra at Johnny Grow is that everything that gets repeated gets automated. Highly efficient and automated processes that satisfy users and customers become your intellectual property. We validate the system can accommodate your AS-IS and TO-BE processes directly or with the workflow design tools.

Business Process Improvement

Software Extensibility

To future proof your investment we align your business projections with the application. Business objectives and requirements change from time to time. That has a cascading effect that requires changes in the system. Software customization is a last resort. Two better options to evaluate are the vendors low code/no code tools and third-party ecosystems.

The application offers graphical and non-technical tools that allow significant changes to be made in the system. Using the application's tools and constructs reduces maintenance, improves stability, maintains scalability, eases continuous updates and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Third party ecosystems are another option. The AppExchange offers integrated independent software vendor solutions to fill gaps or enhance future capabilities. Understanding if and which third party apps are needed is part of the assessment.


Total Cost of Ownership

While price is normally not the top objective, it's always an important consideration. Due to tiered subscription pricing plans, licensing requirements, needed add-ons and support plans, complex pricing must be made simple. The price is only one piece of the Total Cost of Ownership. Other costs to be considered include implementation services and support staffing.


Value and ROI

We forecast how the system may impact future revenues and profits. We calculate value as the financial benefit less the cost and express the value in absolute dollars and ROI.

Salesforce Fit Analysis Summary

Applying CRM for Better Business is our Business

Helping clients apply technology for business growth is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are experts with CRM technologies such as Salesforce and applying technologies for improved business outcomes.

A structured Salesforce evaluation identifies how the system can most facilitate and impact the most important business outcomes. This understanding will aid planning, jump start the implementation, lower risk and reduce time to value.

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