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Use CRM to Automate an Innovate Methodology

Innovation can produce market disruption and order of magnitude revenue growth.

Any startup or competitor that can find a new or better product, or a new or better way for customers to acquire, consume, use or benefit from a product, can displace an incumbent delivering the status quo.

More business leaders would innovate if they knew how. The Johnny Grow Innovation Framework shows how.

Use CRM as an Innovation System

CRM software manages customer engagement, customer interactions and customer intelligence that can be curated, weighted, tabulated and rolled up to show the most pressing customer problems and market opportunities.

Customers will tell you what they want, and how to improve your products or services, if you ask them. CRM software can automate that process.

Use CRM to create Innovation Dashboards

Dashboards work when they focus each team member's attention to what is most critical.

An interesting thing about dashboards is that users spend less time accessing information but using the insights to make more changes to the planning and prototyping processes.

That's the sign of successful dashboards. If the information is causing operational changes to be made, it's working.   

A Better Way to Innovate

CRM software is more than just complimentary to innovation. It's symbiotic.

Innovation starts by finding problems that matter, and then creating or improving products or services to resolve them.

The single best source to find the problems that matter is customers. That's why using Salesforce as your innovation software solution can help. It's the customer system of record, and when correctly implemented, manages all customer information in a way that can surface data to identify the most important problems that would benefit from innovative solutions.

We work with clients to apply CRM software to improve products or services. Here's three examples.


Johnny Grow Innovation Framework

We generally start with a proven methodology that is facilitated and automated with technology. The Johnny Grow Breakthrough Innovation Framework uses CRM software as an innovation application to help clients manage, measure and forecast product introductions.

Johnny Grow Innovation Framework

Innovation Information System

Success is improved with an information system to prioritize ideas, track prototypes, forecast market acceptance and measure program success. You could create a custom system, but a better idea is to append your CRM application.

There is more than one way to use CRM software as an innovation system. But over the years we have refined an approach that works well. At a high level, we append CRM account entities to accommodate innovation use cases. We extend the CRM data model with market research and financial fields such as customer profitability and customer lifetime value (CLV) so we can calculate profit and market opportunity for new or upgraded products under consideration.

Below is a summary of the CRM adaptation process.

CRM Innovation Management System
Process to Append CRM for Innovation

We use CRM Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to filter, sort and prioritize customer input; re-rank the most appealing opportunities; and then calculate a weighted ideation scorecard.


Information Reporting

We have dashboards to bring real-time visibility to the most important key performance indicators (KPI) and predictability to the prototyping process. Prototypes must be continuously measured in real-time to show quantifiable progress. However, measuring progress in a vacuum and without connection to a calculated commercialization is a fool's errand.

That's why our innovation dashboards permit predictive modeling to show how changes in customer assumptions, buyer insights, price elasticity, market supply and other key factors impact customer acceptance and market adoption. It's this level of reporting that shifts the dashboard value from delivering bad news too late, to delivering the foresight that prevents bad news. An example is shown below.

Innovation Prototype Dashboard

The reason CRM software should not just be your customer system of record but also your innovation system of record is that the tighter the integration between customers and new ideas, the more likely innovative solutions will solve the most important customer problems and achieve the greatest success.

Applying CRM for Product Innovation is our Business

Helping clients use customer data and CRM software to deliver improved solutions is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are experts with CRM technologies such as Salesforce and applying data and technologies to solve the most important customer problems.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to improve product innovation. Our purpose-built analytics bring real-time visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results. And our innovation technology consulting specialists tie it all together.

To de-risk our programs, we round out our services with project management, change management and program governance.

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