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Engineer Marketing Results

Predictive models show marketers which target audiences are mostly likely to purchase which products or services and at what price.

They use data with propensity models to compare and forecast the ideal combination of target audiences, personas, content, devices, channels, and timing to deliver offers that will maximize conversions.

They identify what marketing engagement advances buyers through their purchase journeys and what engagement doesn't.

Architect Sales Outcomes

Predictions for the sales force often start simple with lead and opportunity scores, intelligent product recommendations, or predictive prospecting to call on the accounts with the highest probability to close.

They can also predict which leads will convert to opportunities, which opportunities will close, which channels generate the most customer dialogue, what content is most effective, what actions increase the likelihood of winning a deal and what price will maximize the close probability while maintaining margins.

Direct Customer Satisfaction

Customer service predictive models show which call routes are most effective for which types of cases and customers.

They show which knowledgebase articles resolve which types of cases or which types of customer incidents are best directed to Smartbots or self-service portals.

They can forecast customer call volume and recommend staffing. And they can predict which customers are at risk of churn and show the retention levers to proactively to save them.  

Engineer Revenue Results with Salesforce Business Intelligence

Data becomes much more actionable when it advances from historical to predictive. In fact, without predictive analytics, the view for every person in your company is entirely backward looking.

This type of business intelligence analyzes historical and real-time data to show patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies and create simulation, propensity and predictive models. These models orchestrate data and extend the trajectory to deliver forecasts. This changes reporting from backward to forward looking. It also changes the value of your data.

In fact, as shown in the below chart, a Gartner research report found that pro forma analytics is the single greatest technology to achieve competitive advantage.

Technologies for Competitive Advantage

CRM analytics increase customer profitability at scale. They examine customer history to identify events, transactions, occurrences or patterns of behaviors that predict whether a marketing offer will convert, a sale opportunity will close, or a customer will churn.

Or they can forecast the financial impact of reducing customer churn.

Customer Retention Predictive Analytics

Even better, they can be used to engineer company financial outcomes.

For example, the below Predictive Pyramid is a proprietary model that shows a bottom-to-top revenue roll-up. It's an interactive dashboard that shows how lower-level execution feeds higher level revenue results to satisfy the company's top priorities.

There are many potential pathways to your goals but using a model such as the one below identifies the most direct route that can be accomplished in the least time and cost and with the least risk. Unless there is holistic alignment from lower-level execution to company results the company's top business priorities will be delayed, degraded or just not achieved.

Revenue Growth Predictive Model

A recurring pattern among low growth companies is that they don't know what actions or methods deliver the biggest financial returns, so they pursue the easiest or the most familiar instead of the most effective. Pro forma models apply data for 'what-if' scenarios or variable-based modeling to compare competing alternatives and identify the most effective route to growth.

Models such as the pro forma pyramid are helpful because no revenue process or program lives in isolation. Each has cascading effects that impact many areas and those impacts must be considered when making tradeoffs. This visualization is extremely helpful in determining where to invest your limited time to achieve the biggest financial uplift.

We Help Clients Engineer Business Outcomes

Helping clients convert data into business intelligence that predicts revenue growth is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We help clients apply forward looking reporting to drive engineered financial results.

We also help clients convert data to forward looking information such as next best offer, next best answer, next best action or other guided recommendations. Giving staff information they don't know or delivering insights which aid their productivity shifts their behaviors and improves business outcomes.

We are experts with CRM technologies such as Salesforce and creating predictive models that drive business outcomes.

Our repeatable methods, best practices and prebuilt tools bring proven techniques to achieve slated outcomes. Our purpose-built information reporting brings visibility to progress and predictability to forecasted results. And our Tableau Consultant specialists bring it all together.

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