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Marketing Dashboards

As shared in the Marketing Transformation Report, forward thinking CMOs recognize the days of tracking activity and vanity metrics are behind us.

They instead want reporting that shows their direct contribution to revenue and justifies their marketing budget.

The best reporting forecasts marketing's contribution to the sales pipeline and won revenues and shows a clear Marketing ROI.

Sales Dashboards

The best sales dashboards focus on salesperson performance, opportunity conversions, pipeline health and revenue growth.

They display variances in real-time so that deals at-risk can be managed to closure or forecast shortfalls can be proactively managed.

Top predictive analytics include lead and opportunity progression, price elasticity models, uplift modeling (i.e., cross-selling, upselling, bundling, etc.), and predictive revenue analytics.

Customer Service Dashboards

The best customer service reporting shifts from indirect and lagging measures to leading indicators that forecast the most important customer and contact center financial results.

Reporting displays internal process measures that drive operational excellence and impact customer satisfaction as well as the performance measures linked to business outcomes such as lowering cost to serve and increasing customer share, customer retention and revenue performance.

Real-Time, Interactive and Predictive Dashboards

CRM dashboards are a top delivery tool to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

But there's a challenge. Research results published in the CRM Benchmark Report found that dashboards achieve 30 percent utilization following a CRM software implementation go-live event, however, within 3 weeks that utilization falls to 9 percent. Over time it falls further. The decline is due to displaying what is easy instead of what is important and not providing real help to users.

The good news is the challenge can be remedied. For example, we know that for information reporting to be effective it must advance from being merely interesting to inducing action. We also know the six ways to make data actionable include the following:

  1. Make the most important metrics highly visual in role-based views
  2. Align departmental performance metrics with the most important company outcomes
  3. Display reporting metrics alongside target goals or industry benchmarks for context
  4. Shift from lagging to leading key performance indicators (KPIs)
  5. Allow the data to be interrogated, manipulated and used for predictive analytics, and
  6. Link reporting variances to recommendations such as Next Best Action or a Playbook
Sales Dashboard

Sir Francis Bacon is generally credited for the phrase, "knowledge is power". We suggest that knowledge is not power unless it is acted upon. Power is created from action, not visibility.

Simply creating a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to display in a view falls short of inducing action. However, when KPIs are aligned with objectives, linked to actions and measured by payback, information goes from being interesting to creating value.

The KPI isn't the goal. It's a recommendation for action. Action is the goal.

Johnny Grow Ultimate Dashboards

Most CRM dashboards display historical data. They get better when they shift from lagging to leading indicators. And they become the best when they enable metrics to be interactive, so users can perform What-If modeling and pro forma scenario planning.

When KPIs can model future performance, they become far more actionable. They shift your visibility from where you have been to where you are going. It's the difference between looking in your rearview mirror or through the windshield.

It's also this level of reporting that elevates value from delivering bad news too late, to delivering the foresight that prevents bad news. It's this level where data becomes your company's most valuable asset.

Our dashboard reporting consulting services extend Salesforce dashboards with interactive modeling, pro forma forecasting, industry benchmarks, linking variances with recommended actions and playbooks, and displaying forward looking analytics that show the financial impact of both action and inaction.

Over many years we've extended out of the box reporting for marketers, salespeople and customer service agents. Below are a few examples for marketers.

Marketing Dashboards

The goal isn't to have as many dashboards as you can dream up, but to focus on the few that deliver the right performance metrics to solve tough problems and contribute to targeted business outcomes.

Improving Business Intelligence is our Business

We have earned a unique niche in dashboard reporting consulting. We extend CRM reporting to include industry benchmarks, interactive modeling, predictive analytics, and links to recommended actions.

Helping clients convert data into insights that accelerate staff performance and business growth is a Johnny Grow core competency.

We are experts in business intelligence design and best practices, CRM technologies such as Salesforce, and applying analytics for improved business outcomes.

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If you are looking to make your data much more actionable, we have some options.

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