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What We Can Achieve Together

Improve Labor Productivity and Quality of Work

Corporate Culture research and employee engagement data from Gallup found that high performance cultures achieved 17% higher staff productivity, 10% higher quality work, 41% lower absenteeism and 59% lower staff attrition.

Similarly, research from Bain & Co. shows engaged employees are 44% more productive and contributed 20% more revenue. A high-performance business ethos creates a Human Resource force multiplier impact.

Improve Customer Engagement

Happy staff make happy customers.

A high-performance culture and high impact customer engagement are inextricably linked.

An IBM research report, titled The Employee Experience Index, found that staff in high performance cultures nearly doubled the quality of their customer engagement success measures and routinely went above and beyond their job descriptions to satisfy customers.

Increase Revenue and Profit Growth

A high performance culture is a company differentiator and business growth accelerator.

Research published in Harvard Business Review reported that high-performance business cultures realized an average 516% higher revenue growth, 246% higher net income growth and 755% higher stock price growth over an 11-year period.

A high performing culture is one of only four sustainable competitive advantages.

How To Create a High Performance Culture

For most organizations, their corporate ethos is the single biggest untapped asset to boost staff productivity, customer engagement and company growth.

There are a lot of things the company can do to drive business growth. But the one thing that will directly impact everything else is business culture.

That's because it is a precursor and top contributing factor to anything and everything that requires employee effort. It's the human performance engine that either enhances or degrades every business strategy, revenue initiative, operational performance and change transformation.

It's easy to recognize a high-performance culture when you see it – in a business, a sports team or any group that competes. They consistently outperform and have fun doing it. What most don't know is why it works, how you can have fun doing it and how to build it. To answer these questions, we apply our Culture by Design framework.

It's a 6-step model to transition from an unmanaged corporate ethos to a high-performance corporate culture.

Growth Culture Design Framework

Every company has a business culture. Most low performance cultures are a consequence of unplanned actions, unmanaged behaviors, and random outcomes. In contrast, high-performance cultures are intentional, proactively designed and in a constant state of awareness and improvement. They don't leave employee productivity and business performance to chance.

We Help Clients Shift from Low to High Performance Cultures

Johnny Grow is a company culture consultancy. We help clients achieve The Culture Dividend, that is double digit improvements to labor productivity, customer engagement performance measures and revenue growth.

Our corporate culture framework, prescriptive methods, best practices and technology tools bring proven techniques to accelerate improvements or transformations. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. Our company culture consultant specialists bring expertise that tie it all together.

To de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, change management and governance oversight.

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