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Revenue Growth

McKinsey research shows that fee-based customer service can deliver up to 20% of total company revenues.

Lower Cost Per Sale

The same research shows that these customer profit centers can lower selling expenses by up to 10%.

Customer Lifetime Value

Research for the Customer Service Excellence report found that fee-based agent services increase CLV by 1.5X.

A Better Way

The Best-in-Class make up the top 15 percent of all organizations. They achieve that elusive goal through programs that drive cost efficiency and revenue maximization. The later is what makes them strategic to the company.

The transformation from customer service cost center to profit center is not a simple one but is aided with a proven roadmap. The Johnny Grow cost to profit center framework has been developed over two decades and refined with every client engagement.

Customer Service Cost to Profit Center Framework
A Contact Center Optimization Model

The transition from cost center to profit center is now mainstream for two important reasons. First, when the support organization sells products or services to customers, it increases customer share, and that's proven to increase customer loyalty.

And second, when the support organization operates as a profit center, it can deliver sustained revenue growth to the company. A McKinsey research report found these organizations can increase topline revenues by 20 percent, even in highly saturated markets, and at the same time, reduce selling expenses by 5 to 10 percent. That's a powerful two-fold impact to the bottom line.

These profit centers recognize the untapped value of the customer base, apply fee-based services to capitalize on that opportunity and reposition their value in revenue terms.

They append their mission from just delivering great service to delivering increased customer value that grows customer relationships, customer loyalty and top and bottom-line financial results.

Contact Center Consulting Services

Helping customers achieve Best-in-Class performance, such as turning a support service into a profit center, is our business.

We help clients achieve efficient, effective and profitable customer service.

Our proven methods, best practices and technology accelerators bring repeatable techniques to customer service improvement programs, or to successfully make the shift from cost center to profit center. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. And our contact center consultants tie it all together.

To de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, change management and governance oversight.

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