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What We Can Achieve Together

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A collection of 8 customer service improvements is shown to improve this measure by 26% in less than six months.

Grow Customer Lifetime Value

When evidence-based Best Practices are sequenced in a performance improvement plan, CLV is shown to increase 8%.

Lower Customer Churn

Improving customer satisfaction with a subset of proven methods is shown to immediately lower customer churn by 9%.

A Better Way

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) are two powerful measures that directly impact company revenue and profit. And unlike customer profitability or market share data which reflect historical results, these customer measures are leading indicators of repeat purchases, referrals and retention.

CSAT and CLV also help recognize customer relationships as assets, reposition customer focus from short-term profits to long-term lifetime relationship value, and compliment other customer-centric measures such as customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

So, if you can systemically increase these measures, you will grow revenues and profits. In fact, even small increases multiplied by the number of customers create significant and sustained revenue growth.

But increasing CSAT and CLV is seldom achieved with a single performance improvement. Instead, call center research reveals the 8 customer satisfaction best practices that deliver the highest Quality of Customer Service, customer satisfaction scores and financial results.

Customer Satisfaction Best Practices
Customer Service Best Practices | Source: Customer Service Excellence Report

Based on your current state and desired goals, sequencing the customer service best practices into a performance improvement plan will create a road map to measurable outcomes.

CSAT Performance Improvement Plan
Customer Satisfaction Performance Improvement Plan Illustration

Improving CSAT and CLV is Our Business

We help clients increase customer satisfaction in ways that immediately grow revenues and profits.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve measurable outcomes. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results. And our contact center consultants tie it all together.

To de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, change management and governance.

Improved CSAT Scores and Customer Relationships Start Here

If you want to improve CSAT scores, customer share, customer growth and customer lifetime value, we have some options to help.

Visit the Customer Service Insights Hub for expert recommendations, best practices, research findings and supporting technologies.

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