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How CX Programs Create Price Premiums

Research shows just how much more customers are willing to pay for differentiated customer experiences

Customer Experience Research Reveals 356% ROI Payback

Research reveals the factors that deliver increased customer lifetime value and accelerated revenue growth. It also shows that every dollar invested into a CX program earned $3.56 in additional company revenue.

The Most Important CX Metrics

How to use CX Metrics to increase customer repeat purchases, customer share, customer retention and company revenues

An Implementation Framework to Roll Out a Wildly Successful and Highly Profitable CX Program

A proven deployment framework to design, deploy and profit from differentiated customer experiences.

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The Customer Experience Analytics that Fuel Business Growth

The most important CX Analytics to delight customers, increase Customer Lifetime Value and improve customer retention

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The Most Important Customer Experience Technologies

The software and technology that most effectively delivers differentiated and superior customer experiences

How a CX Program Creates Customer Affinity and Company Profits

How a CX program can accelerate company revenues, lower cost to serve customers and create a sustainable competitive advantage

The Top 3 Customer Experience Best Practices

The 3 most powerful Best Practices to deliver differentiated customer experiences and accelerate company profits

Customer Experience Dashboard Best Practices

Customer Experience Dashboards drive improved customer interactions and company financial outcomes when they adopt 3 essential best practices

The 5 Customer Experience Trends that stand above all others

CX trends that show how businesses grow revenues and profits by delivering superior and differentiated customer experiences

The Financial Value of Differentiated Experiences

Research shows the specific experiences that customers are willing to pay for and deliver a profit to the company

The Top 5 Reasons Customer Experience Fails – and how not to

The top reasons CX projects disappoint and the best practices to prevent those failures

The ROI of Customer Experience

Research findings show the link between CX and revenue growth, and the calculated ROI of CX investments

Here’s How a CX Strategy Accelerates Customer Affinity and Company Revenues

Research findings and best practices show how to design a CX strategy that fuels significant and sustained revenue growth

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The Business Case for a CX Project

A business case for customer experience shows how to deliver customer experiences that grow customer lifetime value and company revenues

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B2C Consumer Experience Research Reveals 301% ROI

Research among B2C companies reveals the factors that deliver accelerated revenue growth, increased customer loyalty and 301% ROI

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Customer Experience Statistics Show how CX Impacts Revenues, Profits & ROI

CX statistics show the financial impact of customer experiences on company revenues, profits and ROI

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