B2B Integrated Marketing Campaigns Acquire the Most Leads


  • Research published in the Marketing Transformation Report found that Best-in-Class marketers (i.e., the top 15 percent) managed more campaigns, more complex campaigns and made more frequent changes to their campaigns than their lower performing peers.
  • The research also revealed that the highest performing campaign type was not a single type at all, but a combination of campaigns executed together, or commonly referred to as B2B integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Marketers must recognize that integrated campaigns are a mixed undertaking. They are more complex to create, manage and measure, but when correctly executed they deliver the highest volume and quality sales leads.
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B2B Integrated Marketing Campaigns Outperform all Others

The sales force is one of marketing's most important customers, and their #1 request is still leads. That's why marketing campaigns are indispensable. To increase lead volume, you have to increase campaign effectiveness.

In the most recent Marketing Transformation Research survey we updated our questions to measure both individual campaign types and the combination of different types executed together. That update turned out to be more enlightening than we expected.

While we may have set out to find the highest performing types of campaigns, we ended up finding something else.

The research found the most effective program was not a particular type but an integrated mix of multiple types.

B2B integrated marketing campaigns built on an orchestrated combination of events, channels and offers that were aligned and sequenced delivered the highest volume and quality of sales leads.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

See the marketing research results that show campaigns consisting of multiple types, flights and channels achieved the highest volume and quality of sales leads.

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For example, a single campaign type may be an email promotion. A campaign built on multiple types may start with an email distribution and then engage the target audience in social media or online retargeting or any other type of offer engagement. The combination of multiple campaign types is essentially the definition of an integrated marketing campaign.

Sometimes it's good to be lucky. Even without directly asking the right questions, the data disclosed that B2B integrated marketing campaigns are the most effective in terms of volume and quality of sales leads.

Campaign Portfolio Management

The data also surfaced several related corollary findings.

When analyzing the data not just by campaign type but by performance archetype we found the following:

  • At any one time, Laggards manage 1-2 campaigns, Medians manage 2-4 and the Best-in-Class marketers (i.e., the top 15 percent) manage 4-9 campaigns.
  • The most common campaign type for Laggards and Medians was email distributions, at 65 percent and 56 percent respectively. However, the most common type among the Best-in-Class marketers was integrated marketing campaigns.
  • We also measured the number of updates and changes to campaigns. The short story is that the Best-in-Class campaigns were seldom static, and continuously being manipulated and improved, both inflight and post execution.

The net takeaway is that the Best-in-Class marketers managed a larger portfolio using multiple types of campaigns that were continuously iterated based on performance results.

When marketers step up to an orchestrated campaign portfolio they empower experimentation, benefit from diversification and can reallocate budget dollars to continuously improve performance and marketing ROI.

A Cumulative Impact

With integrated marketing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. These campaigns send target audiences a sequence of consistent offers or messages over multiple channels. The channels may include email, social media, the website, online display advertising or any other medium.

The continuum of messages works together to strengthen and amplify the offer. The repetition creates familiarity and increases memorability. More touchpoints create more recognition and opportunities to convert.

When you reinforce offers or calls to action over multiple messages, multiple channels or the customers buying journey it increases conversions. Showing up at the right times with consistent headlines, messages and offers creates brand awareness. Repetition builds recognition. These campaigns acquire leads who would otherwise just not respond to a one-off promotion.

It's a more holistic approach than a one-and-done offer sent through a single channel. It's also one of the most recognized marketing campaign best practices.