A 1 Day RevOps Workshop

Expert Instruction to Transform Company Growth

Revenue Operations is accelerating in companies of all sizes for one simple reason. It's extremely effective in accelerating company revenue growth.

Analyst firm Forrester reports that when successfully implemented, "organizations that deployed revenue operations in some form grew revenue nearly three times faster than those that didn't."

Boston Consulting Group reports that it delivers a 100- to 200% increase in marketing ROI, 10- to 20% increase in sales productivity, 10% increase in lead conversions, and 30% reduction in go-to-market expenses.

And according to a Gartner report titled, Revenue Operations Implementation Guide, 75% of the highest growth companies will deploy this business development strategy by next year.

Why Attend This RevOps Workshop

Realigning people, processes and technologies throughout the company is no easy effort.

But it's made easier with the expert instruction, research-based insights and best practices delivered in this workshop.

We share how to align functional departments to pursue shared objectives. We show how to optimize customer-facing business processes across departments. We advise how to integrate business systems to automate end-to-end processes and information reporting.

But more than anything, our experts share the success factors to ensure that you achieve your strategic objectives in the least time, cost and risk.

RevOps Workshop Agenda

Below is our RevOps Workshop agenda. The workshop is flexible, and the agenda may be modified to accommodate the goals of each client.


Rev Ops Strategies

We start by reviewing the research findings that show how the Best-in-Class revenue ops teams outperform their peers. That includes their use of four specific strategies that drive the biggest revenue gains.

Company Revenue Accountability

We show how these strategies align sales, marketing and customer service with the buyer journey and customer lifecycle. And how you can use them to engineer the most important customer and business outcomes in the shortest time and least cost.


A Deployment Framework

An implementation framework is needed to efficiently deploy the strategies, processes and technologies into a Rev Ops model.

We share an implementation template that can be used to unify go-to-market motions and enterprise-wide revenue execution. We review how different models are used to achieve orchestration and oversight to all departments and revenue contributors.

RevOps Operating Models

The Right Target Operating Model

A Rev Ops operation orchestrates the revenue chain across departments and systems.

That starts by defining its place in the company hierarchy. It should report to the person with ultimate revenue accountability. For most companies, that is the Chief Revenue Officer.

RevOps Org Chart

A more sophisticated target operating model will be needed for global or decentralized companies. The below example shows how you can assign revenue responsibilities, organize business processes and apply technology across the company.

RevOps Target Operating Model

Finally, this section reviews how to define and staff the model that's right for your company.


Best Practices to Accelerate Performance

We review evidence-based best practices that accelerate performance and improve results.

We start with best practices that support the two primary goals of managing the customer journey for improved customer experiences and improving revenue execution for company growth. Improving the first improves the second. These goals are symbiotic.

For example, we show how to advance from precision planning to prescriptive execution using an operating Blueprint. This helps shift your planning from what you can do to what you should do to achieve the biggest uplift in the shortest time.

The below Blueprint is an example of how we use a one-page visual diagram to clearly show the execution that achieves the company's goal.

Best Practices Blueprint

Based on the company's situation, we may review other best practices such as methods to increase customer conversions, reduce revenue leakage, improve customer relationships, and use customer data to identify new revenue opportunities.


Technology Enablement

The path to automation is to simplify, streamline and automate business processes, in that order. There is no sense in automating inefficient processes.

The combination of business process optimization and technology automation will increase staff productivity, decrease process cycle times and deliver consistent results.

We show how to maximize technology with a three-step process that includes tech strategy, modernization and simplification. And how to assemble a RevOps tech stack.

RevTech Stack

We advise how to use a centralized Rev Ops tech stack to eliminate data siloes and replace departmental piecemeal systems. This approach often uses platform applications that better support enterprise-wide data management, process automation, information reporting and scale.


Performance Analytics

The company needs information visibility and revenue predictability. So, this section shows how to use analytics tools to achieve a bird's eye view of enterprise-wide revenue execution.

It shares the most important revenue operations metrics and key performance indicators.

And because this is a journey best directed with data and analytics, we show how to transform data into insights that improve performance. That's critical as data is your most powerful asset to achieve competitive differentiation and sustained success.

Finally, we dive deep into predictive analytics. We show how they analyze historical and real-time data to reveal patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies. And how they can be used to create simulation, propensity and pro forma models. These forward-looking analytics are a powerful lever to compare competing alternatives and allocate limited budgets.

Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics

Here is What Makes This Event Worth Your Time

  1. It's fast. During the course of a day, expert instructors will provide research-based insights, evidence-based best practices, an operating framework, and supporting templates to build and operate a highly effective revenue operations organization.
  2. It's data-driven. Recommendations without data are just opinions. We skip the theoretical debates and instead apply industry data, operating benchmarks, and predictive analytics so you can plot your most successful route.
  3. It's outcomes focused. We put the spotlight on the actions that drive the most important business results.

Each workshop is tailored to the goals of its attendees. Contact us to learn how our RevOps consulting experts can design an event that is uniquely suited for your company.