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2.8X Higher Revenue Growth with Data Driven Business Growth Strategies

Revenue growth research revealed that most companies do not have data-driven sales strategies.

However, those who did achieved 2.8 times greater year over year revenue growth than those who did not.

67% Additional Revenue Growth with Optimized Growth Strategies

Even among companies with formal strategies, there are significant performance differences when considering maturity and optimization.

Research from the Business Growth Report shows companies with optimized, data-driven growth strategies achieved 67% higher growth than those with less maturity.

4-5X Higher Sales Growth for Top Performers

Two independent research projects by McKinsey revenue consulting found that companies with the best selling strategies achieved top-quartile performance and delivered four to five times higher sales growth than bottom-quartile companies.

The Sales Accelerator Program

There are five ways for the sales organization to accelerate growth. You can acquire more customers, increase customer share, grow customer lifetime value, improve customer retention or modify prices.

A sales strategy framework is needed to engineer the optimal combination of these factors and achieve your desired growth. Making the best decision will require data and predictive modeling.

Our Sales Accelerator creates a data driven strategy to calculate pro forma revenue results. It identifies your prioritized objectives and plots the most direct path to success.

Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics
Revenue Growth Predictive Analytics; Illustrative Model

The Johnny Grow Predictive Pyramid defines a calculated approach to achieve a growth target in the least time, cost, and risk.

It's an interactive model with linkage from lower-level activities to company revenue results. This enables managers to perform dynamic modeling and What-If scenarios. It allows them to test alternate routes and compare tradeoffs and thereby engineer financial outcomes.

The predictive model is supported by company data for baseline performance, industry benchmarks to show what's possible and best practices to forecast revenue uplift.

Company Growth Formula Predictive Model
Company Growth Formula Predictive Model

The above example is a predictive model that diagrams the company's lead to revenue funnel, calculates the conversions at each step and allows management to experiment and forecast different uplift strategies and best practices.

This sales acceleration formula can quickly, accurately, and holistically diagnose the selling operations that most benefit from improvements and advise the data-driven best practices that will deliver the biggest financial upside.

This type of predictive analytic shifts revenue generation from guesswork to systemic execution and precisely forecasted results.

Company Growth Delivered

An enterprise revenue strategy designs and communicates the revenue goal, identifies the actions to achieve the goal, mobilizes resources to execute the actions and rigorously measures progress.

Specific objectives, prescriptive methods, resource allocation and real-time analytics collectively create more favorable outcomes than would occur otherwise. But just how much more favorable?

Research performed for the Business Growth Report found that companies with data-driven revenue strategies achieved 2.8 times greater year over year revenue growth than those without.

Growth Strategy Research Results

Without a predictive strategy, planning becomes more of a year-to-year continuation of the status quo. Business execution reverts to piecemeal tactics or best guess explorations. And when financial growth isn't forecasted pursuant to a data driven strategy and plan, it's difficult if not impossible to measure in real-time and intervene with timely course corrections as needed.

Sales Growth is our Business

Helping clients increase revenue is our core competency. Everything we do applies to this singular purpose.

Our revenue consulting methods, evidence-based best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve significant and sustained company growth. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, we round out our services with program management, organizational change management and governance.

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